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Nov 2, 2017
Jun 27, 2017
Monterey County , California

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Nov 2, 2017
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    Monterey County , California
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    Rocky was diagnosed on 6/26/17

    Rocky is a 10 year old Tabby neutered male. He was our big boy weighing around 12 lbs. When he was DX he only weighed 7.5lbs. He's one of those cats that come to you to be pet but only like 3 xs then he'd smack you. We have 2 other cats Non -diabetic 1 9 year old female Geekie Lynx Siamese and Raider is a 7 year old grey and white short hair. We also have a Jack Russell Terrier Buddy.
    Date of birth Aug 2007
    Date of diabetes dx:
    Status: just getting the hang of it he's been under400
    • Type: Lantus (Glargine)
    • Concentration: U100
    • Units per shot: 1
    • Shots per day: 2
    Oral diabetes medications: None
    We hometest BG: Yes
    Meter: Relion Micro
    We regularly do BG curves: i've done 1 mini one
    Hx of complications: None
    Current health issues: None
    Current medications: None
    Past health issues: He broke his left back leg as a young kitten (we never found out how) he stopped going outside after except for the back yard. He had crystal stones around 4-5 years old not to bad he was able to pass them then a year later he got into some kind of poison (not from our house) showed signs of liver failure was put on iv giving meds was fine a few days later

    Brand Name:
    Formula: Pate Poultry Pack
    Amount fed per meal:1 5.5 oz can and 1/4-1/2 can for a snack
    Number of meals/day:
    How is food given in relation to the insulin shots? I feed him why i give his shot or check his BG
    We use Dr. Lisa's foodcharts: Yes and the advice of other members


    Rocky(10 years old),DX 6/26/17,Lantus .75 am .75 u pm, relion micro,Friskies canned food, SLGS Rocky's Spreadsheet