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Beenie (GA)

Well-Known Member, from NY

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Jun 8, 2019
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    May 2017
    My female kitty was diagnosed with Diabetes Monday. Trying to get as much info I can to help manage it or potentially reverse it.
    6/10/17 Update to include more info:
    Insulin: ProZinc, currently 4units 2x/day
    Home testing prior to injections and random testing. Working on doing a curve to get better information.
    Always all wet food but switched to FF Classics 5/19. Switched treats to freeze dried meats with no carbs.
    Just trying to regulate at this point. Numbers are always in high 300-400 range. Strangely when increased to 4 units on 6/1 numbers have been slightly higher always in 400's.
    I'm told it takes time to get regulated so just patiently waiting for her numbers to come down.
    Beenie-12yr old female Siamese, no other health issues ever


    Female DOB 6.1.2005/FD Dx 5.1.17/no other health issues/FF classics start 5.19.17/ProZinc-Switched to Levemir TR 8.10.2017/RelionMicro/One Touch Delica 33 gauge lancets/Zobaline 7.22.17/Beenie's mom- Michelle **HIGH DOSE KITTY. DO NOT COPY** Acro Dx 8.25.17 IGF-1 277/IAA pos 36% 8.29.17/Cabergoline 9/5/2017 **REDUCTIONS TAKEN BELOW 65** GA 11/2/2017 RIP BEENIE
    Beenie's SS
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