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    Closter, NJ, USA (New York City Metropolitan Area)
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    Mom to Zoot! Zoot! lives in a manage-ably crazy household with six other happy felines, my husband (a musician/editor/writer), and me. I work for The Nature Conservancy.

    Zoot! followed us home from our local nature preserve where he had been surviving till he was 8 months old. He is an opportunistic eater and we were free feeders (no more!) which led to his massive size (33 lbs). He has lost 15 lbs now (over 4 years) and he would gladly return to his massive size if only we would free feed again. We love him so much.


    Cinnie & Marty, and Zoot! 5/31/2019; Lantus 1.5 is his current dosage. ReliOn Micro glucometer. Diet: LC wet - Weruva Chicken Frick-a-Zee and Splash Dance. TR 1/23/2020. Zoot!'s Spreadsheet