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Erin and Moe
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Jul 4, 2020 at 8:44 PM
Sep 8, 2019

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Erin and Moe

Member, from Texas

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    Moe was born 3/26/2009 to a feral mom. He blocked with an ammonium urate stone in 2013 and required surgery to remove it. Had acute kidney injury from that event. Diet was Hill’s prescription KD canned to prevent future urate stones.

    Dx with diabetes in September 2019. Diet switched to Friskies and Fancy Feast pates. He went very quickly into remission on basaglar insulin and was OTJ by October 1, 2019.

    In February 2020, he started to show signs of diabetes again and BG quickly jumped into the 500s. Restarted insulin and was not able to get control with low doses. Increased dosing continuously from February to May until we were at 8.0 units. I began to research acromegaly as Moe was exhibiting symptoms.

    Moe had blood drawn in late May and the sample was sent to Michigan State University to test for acromegaly and insulin resistance. Received the Acro dx in June 1, 2020; insulin resistance was negative.

    On June 13, 2020, Moe began a trial on cabergoline. He receives 70 micrograms per day in capsule form. There is a detailed diary of the trial in Moe’s spreadsheet.


    Moe: DX 9/1/2019; TR; Relion Prime. LC wet. DX acromegaly 6/1/20; cabergoline started 6/13/20; caber trial diary in SS. DOB 3/26/09
    Moe's SS