Melanie and Smokey
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Mar 27, 2018
Feb 24, 2010
Fargo, ND

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Melanie and Smokey

Well-Known Member, Female, from Fargo, ND

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Mar 27, 2018
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    Fargo, ND
    Member since:
    2- 0-2010
    We are in Fargo, ND.

    The number in our house seems to flux on a daily basis:cat:
    Our kids:
    Taz (GA),
    Smokey (GA) (FD, OTJ for 19+mo),
    Peanut (GA/2010),
    Avalon (7),
    Mittens (7),
    Tiger (GA),
    Opal (6),
    Ruby (6),
    Sophia (GA),
    Cecil (6) (FD, OTJ),
    ChrisFarley (GA) (FD, OTJ),
    Anikan (12) (FD, DX 2014, Lantus)
    Gandalf the Gray (19) trapped him and his owners never called back about him. Old and skinny, didn't know what to do with him so I guess he lives here, lol
    Stevie (1)
    Fudge (1)

    Current fosters:
    Percy (15) Percy's Spreadsheet (DX 6/16 OTJ 7/16 ) was on Prozinc. Currently on Atopica, B12, Cerenia

    Tinker bell (7-8) Tink's SS. Adopted in 2015 in remission and returned to the shelter 5/17 not healthy and out of remission. Diagnosed with triadititis in Sept 2017. Currently on B12 shots, Cerenia, Flagyl, FortiFlora, Lantus.

    Emmanuel (est 12) Manny's SS pulled from the pound Christmas time 2017. Severe eye infection/disease, severe diarrhea, and diabetic. Currently on Flagyl, FortiFlora, Lantus.

    Kit Kat (18wks) and Baby Ruth (12wks) . Went to help catch some unsocialized sick barn kittens. Half the litter died, expected to find 2 alive, found 3 and caught an older kitten Kit Kat too because she was so sick. Turned out to be distemper. Lost 2 of the littles to it, Kit Kat and Baby Ruth survived. Kit Kat needs socialization, Baby Ruth just needs to get well enough and old enough for adoption.

    In order to make room for our fosters in my signature line, I've moved some kids here.

    Anikan (12) Ani's Spreadsheet (Lantus, Fancy Feast wet) currently goes between 0.75 and 1.0U

    9/13/14 Chris Farley OTJ 11/28/14 (Lantus, Wellness food) Lost our boy to large cell lyphoma 12/21/15
    Chris Farley's Spreadsheet

    4/18/14 Cecil OTJ 5/11/14 (Lantus, variety of Wellness, FF, Proplan foods) Cecil's Spreadsheet

    Lost our beautiful Smokey girl to CRF/CHF on 12/26/12 (Lantus, variety of foods)
    Smokey's Spreadsheet

    Former Foster Sly (DX 2/6/15 OTJ 7/12/15 ADOPTED 9/18/15
    Sly's Spreadsheet

    Former Foster Deandra (DX 9/6/15, OTJ 10/12/15 transferred to foster-to-adopt home 11/23/15
    Deandra's Spreadsheet

    Former Foster Lucky (14) Lucky's Spreadsheet (Lantus, low carb wet OTJ 9/16/16) ADOPTED 2017

    Former Foster Lincoln (4) Lincoln SS DX 11/2015, Lantus, DM, ADOPTED Nov 2016

    Former Foster Dallas (7) Dallas's Spreadsheet (DX 9/16, OTJ 4/24/17) ADOPTED July 2017

    Former Foster Hepburn (10) DX Oct 2017. Fostered only for a couple weeks to get testing to see how her numbers ran after food change. She was food controlled easily and moved her back to shelter and then to adoption center, adopted quickly.


    Anikan SS DX 1/2014 Lantus, FF Manny's SS DX 12/22/17, Lantus, DM Tinkerbell SS DX 2015 Lantus, M/D; see profile for Smokey (GA), Cecil (OTJ), ChrisFarley (GA), OTJ fosters: Sly, Deandra, Percy, Lucky, Dallas; and Lincoln (Lantus)