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Senior Member, from North Vancouver, BC

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    North Vancouver, BC
    Member since:
    28- 2-2012


    Neko's 2016 SS SS has tab w/links to older SS, Neko was an acrocat, do not copy dosing
    Neko's Profile FD Dx Dec 2011; IAA and Acromegaly Dx July 2012, SRT completed August 9/12 and again Nov 18/15, CKD 2015, 2nd degree heart block and IBD/lymphoma May 26/2016, transient HCM/CHF (reversible myocarditis) May 30/2016, CHF, chest taps for fluid and air November 2016, GA 12/6/16 Tribute Video
    Caninsulin for 2 months, Lantus/TR to Sept 2013, then Levemir/TR