? 02/27 Diamond amps 370 pmps 282 +2 353

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    Jan 18, 2018
    I am confused. I was happy to see yellow numbers for for most of the day. Then he has a pink at +10. Then yellow for pmps then back to pink at +2. What is going on?
    And this still confuses me; From the TR stickytillydiabetes.net
    "Alternatively, if the cat is continuously producing moderately elevated BGs (nadir always >=200 mg/dl), increase the dose every 2-3 days by 0.25 IU ( if the cat is getting a low dose) or 0.5 IU (if the cat is getting a higher dose). From this point onward test for ketones once per week, or more often if the nadirs are still >=200 mg/dl."

    Diamond is on his 7th cycle of 2U BID. Should I increase his dose tomorrow morning. If so .25U or .5U? Thanks in advance for any advice. I don't know where I'd be without all the help/advice I've gotten from the wonderful people on FDMB!
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    Looks like a Lantus double dip. That's where they do a little dip down at the end of the cycle, but not as low as the main nadir. Not uncommon.

    Since Diamond is seeing nadirs below 300, the increase would be by 0.25 units. Good luck with the 2.25 unit dose.

    Maybe it'll be easier to understand if you use the Tight Regulation Protocol Sticky we have here. The way it's worded here:

    • Hold the dose for 3 - 5 days (6 - 10 consecutive cycles) if nadirs are less than 200 before increasing the dose by 0.25 unit.
      • if your cat is new to numbers under 200, it is recommended to hold the dose for at least 8-10 cycles before increasing.
      • when your cat starts to see nadirs under 100, hold the dose for at least 10 cycles before increasing.
    • After 3 days (6 consecutive cycles)... if nadirs are greater than 200, but less than 300 increase the dose by 0.25 unit.
    • After 3 days (6 consecutive cycles)... if nadirs are greater than 300 increase the dose by 0.5 unit.
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