10/13 Tigger AMPS 86/87 - stalled. PMPS still blue. How long can this last?!

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  1. Moms2Tigger&Blu

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    Jul 23, 2018
    So what the heck is up with this cat and increasing to 1.5 units?!?!
    It did not seem like a bounce was breaking with yesterday's am cycle, though I have no nadir test, so I went ahead with the planned increase.

    PMPS 395, shot 1.5, +3 280, +6 113, AMBG 86!
    (after that high yellow at +3 I wasn't even going to test again. The drop to 113 surprised me. I meant to get a +7 but I am so sick, my head hit the pillow and I was done!)

    Tigger is acting pretty normal but insists on eating. NOW. I don't think I can stop him, he's stealing from his brother lol. In the short term what, if any, do I shoot right now . . . I know he'll probably bounce but I HATE when PS is this low, so scary. In the long term, what is going on with this dose? Where did this cycle come from?!?!?! am cycle yesterday just seemed flat.
  2. Olive & Paula

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    Sep 6, 2015
  3. Moms2Tigger&Blu

    Moms2Tigger&Blu Member

    Jul 23, 2018
    getting nervous about what to shoot at pm . . .
    I read something on here this morning that convinced me to shoot. "if you're around to monitor, there's no reason to bump the numbers up at shot time. the beauty of lantus and levemir is being able to shoot low to stay low. shooting low is how you obtain the low flat curve with lantus and levemir." buried in some of the info on the stickies was this wise statement by @Jill & Alex (GA) - I don't even know how old it is. However . . . Tigger has been BLUE the ENTIRE cycle. Even with 3-4 meals. He has never done this before (he came close once) and I am second guessing shooting the whole dose (back down to 1.25 though) again. Please, any advice appreciated. I am so sick and alone until midnight tonight. Not sure I have the stamina to test hourly if needed (hopefully it won't be!) Tigger is, of course thrilled with the breakfast, brunch, lunch, and snack this day has provided. He's feline just fine (sorry for the pun).
  4. Gill & George

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    Oct 27, 2015
    Are you still doing slgs?
    I'm a little confused because the dosing seems a little all over the place, with slgs you want to hold on to a dose for a week unless they earn a reduction. It is important to get those weekly BG curves in as well, it is a requisite for slgs when adjusting dose.
    Really you would hold the dose unless he earns a reduction by dropping below 90. I'm not sure why you increased to 1.5 u, On 1.25 u you saw numbers below 150, so strictly speaking that would indicate a need to hold on to the dose.

    Sorry I'm not going to be around when you get to pmps, do remember that on slgs the no shot number is 90, and remember that your shot time at pmps should be 12 hours after you have insulin this morning.

    Shooting low seems doesyield flatter curves, though it is important to be their to monitor (,like you did today) in the beginning at least u til his patterns are more clear.

    Do you have an autofeeder? If you can leave him with a steady supply of snacks while you're at work it's a useful tool to keep him safe.
  5. Rosie & Bailey

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    Sep 4, 2018

    Hope that whatever dose you settle on, it's the perfect dose for Tigger at this time.
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  6. Moms2Tigger&Blu

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    Jul 23, 2018
    He was on 1.25 units from pm cycle on 9/29 until 10/5 and lowest # recorded was 184.
    On 10/6 we increased to 1.5 and that was apparently when a bounce was breaking, at pm he was ~140 so we stalled, got some advice on here and shot 1.25.
    We then tried to go back to 1.5 as directed but by the pm cycle on 10/8 he was at 100-115 and that was WITH food. With the idea in mind that he was poss going to hit the magical # of 90 had I not intervened and for sanity's sake (I can not test 4 day cycles every week) we decided to stay at the 1.25 dose for a few days.
    During that time (10/9 - 10/12 am) he never went lower than yellow. I was taking this as a failed reduction, after waiting 7 cycles. Knowing I'd be home to monitor the next 5 cycles closely I increased to 1.5 and here we are.

    I may have misunderstood on that evening when I only felt comfy shooting 1.25 (10/6) but I THOUGHT the idea was to go back to 1.5 . . . that PS blue came from a bounce breaking, not a true low? Are failed reductions not a thing for SLGS? Also, where is his bounce from this? I feel like its going to be a doozy! :confused::nailbiting:
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