2/28 Bella AMPS: 191 seems spacey kept dose @ 1.5u

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  1. JanetMR

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    Dec 29, 2017
    Bella was acting “wonky” this am. Had tested her at 5:30 am ( +11.5) BG = 197
    Her eyes were dialed and she seemed spaced. She wasn’t interested in eating..I enticed her with routisserie chicken pieces and eventually got her to eat her ff 6% carbs mixed in.

    Tested again in the middle of this and she was 191

    I gave her 1.5 u Lantus ( did not increase the dose)

    An hour later she was 267 phew!

    She hasn’t been uninterested in food with a lower BG level in quite awhile..
    Perhaps she hit a low point and without food in her system ( her last meal was at 11:pm/ can’t feed during the night.. multiple cats all eating different food) she was tanked out with no reserves in her system.

    I wonder if it would work to give her slightly higher carbs mixed in with her last evening meal would help even things out...?
    Just a thought
    Input welcome.
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