3/7 Summers Amps=230,228+4,201+7.5,260+10.5,Pmps=206,185+4

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  1. Summers Mom

    Summers Mom Member

    Aug 27, 2017
    Summers numbers right now are pretty steady. I don't know if she is surfing or not. Yesterday i thought she may be bouncing with the higher numbers but idk what to think anymore. She is still in good spirits and eating very well. Her raw area looked a bit better last night. It wasn't as red. It looks as if her skin has calmed down a bit from the natural antibiotic spray. I have read some of the articles Mary Ann sent me but there is so much to read! It gives me a little hope especially with the meds than can help summer's skin to thicken. There was one article i read where the cat's skin started getting thickness in only 2 months after the meds. It is just sad that the veterinary field does not know and some that don't want to know or learn more about feline cushings. It is heartbreaking that there is no cure with all the technology and testing that is done in labs everyday all over the world. I feel the same way about cancer. I feel that there is a cure but they do not want us to know. Just my opinion. Another article i read stated that 17% of diabetic cats have cushings!! So why haven't they done anything to find cures or what will help our feline family?? It makes me sad. It makes me angry. So sorry to be ranting. It just upsets me.
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  2. Tracey&Jones

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    Dec 12, 2016
    Rant away! Your baby in pain/distress makes you want to just scream some days.

    It is pretty amazing that there is all this information for dogs and cushings but not cats.

    I am glad her skin is looking better at least. Is she still working the onsie?

    Healthy patients are not a very profitable business model.
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  3. Wendy&Neko

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    Feb 28, 2012
    When I discovered Neko had acromegaly, most of the literature said it was a rare condition Just a couple years later, it's now 25-28% of diabetics has it. Most treatments are horribly expensive for acromegaly, leaving most people doing nothing. Just this last year some drug trials are showing promise. Same thing happened to hyperthyroidism, from rare to more common. It just takes a good researcher with interest to get the ball rolling. I know they are looking at Cushings a bit at the Royal Veterinary College in England. You could email their Diabetes Remission Clinic to see if they know of anything new. They have a FB page that is pretty good.

    Summer is still bouncing. I'd hold this dose a while yet. It also gives you a chance to ease off the pokes. I am glad her skin seems to be calming down. :bighug:
  4. Summers Mom

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    Aug 27, 2017
    Yes, she is great with the onesie. She lets me put it on her and she wears it with pride like it is her special shirt!! Bless her heart, she is an amazing and tough little girl. And i do feel like screaming!! I have cried the last few days and have prayed and read and prayed and read so much so that i still feel helpless. I just wish a miracle would happen for Summer. I just wish researchers would get the ball rolling and help our feline friends. Summer is my family. She is my little girl in a fur body. I love her so much and this is just so hard to see her going through this when she doesn't deserve this. She deserves to be healthy and running around playing.
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  5. Summers Mom

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    Aug 27, 2017
    Thank you Wendy. I will check into the fb page. Yes, i figured she was bouncing and i will leave her at this dose a bit. Her skin looked last night but i just changed her pads in her onesie and it seemed red again so i put some Neosporin with pain med on it. Maybe it will help with her pain too. I use that on her ears and it seems to help her.
  6. Sean & Rufus

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    Jan 10, 2018
    Feel better soon, Summer! :)
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