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    Aug 19, 2018
    Maddie has been on Lantus, 1 unit twice per day for 11 weeks. I've been trying to home test after 3 curves done at the vets. I'm using Relion Prime. She has shown amazing improvement since her diagnosis, gaining her weight back, jumping again etc. My big concern is that she continues to drink and pee exessive amounts. She always pees in the box. About a year ago vet thought she must have kidney issues because even though lab tests showed Bun and creatinine and SDMA were normal her urine was dilute, i presume because of excessive drinking. She was put on a dry prescription renal diet. She ended up deteriorating, losing nearly 4 lbs between April and June 2018 when she was diagnosed with diabetes. We got her on "the juice" and everything is improved but the exessive drinking and peeing. I thought I had noticed a bit of improvement the first few weeks, but am now questioning that. Current vet thinks her numbers and curves look good and she tested her a few weeks ago for urinary infection. Nothing. Any ideas why she has to pee so much? I feel like I'm missing something . She is an indoor cat. When/if she sneaks out for a minute she is desperate to eat grass.

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