adopting a diabetic cat?

Discussion in 'Feline Health - (The Main Forum)' started by CassWTribby, Feb 20, 2018.

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  1. CassWTribby

    CassWTribby Member

    Feb 7, 2017

    I lost my beloved cat Tribby last Dec unrelated to her diabetes which I had been treating/home testing for almost a year. She also had IBD which was harder to treat.

    I have seen a lot of diabetic cats recently desperate for homes. I would love to offer one a home but not sure...

    For those of you who have been in a situation similar to mine: knowing what you know now: would you adopt a diabetic cat?!

    The cost worries me and extra vet bills. The time required and commitment I'm fine with... might be too soon? We also have a lot of other pets including several reaching their senior years.

  2. Chris & China

    Chris & China Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2013
    If you're ready for a new family member, I'd definitely suggest a diabetic!! They are overlooked so much of the time and they deserve a loving home!! I know of several with DCIN that need homes really soon too!!

    You've got all the knowledge already....why waste it?

    You'll be blessed in so many ways ....yes, they're a little more work and cost a little more, but they also pay you back in ways that can't be measured or counted.
  3. MommaOfMuse

    MommaOfMuse Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2010
    Hi Cass,

    I don't post here often but Chris asked me to chime in. As a matter of fact YES I would adopt another sugarcat, in fact I have 6 times. In fact my profile pic is Quillan, I adopted him 2 years ago from a kill shelter in Canada (I'm in Nebraska). I lost my original sugarcat over 9 years ago, since she earned her wings we have welcomed Lord Maxwell (OTJ 8 years and counting), Musette-GA (passed due to cancer), Autumn-GA (passed due to being ancient at age 21 almost 22), Casanova (OTJ 2 years and counting), Quillan (OTJ 1 year 8 months and going strong) and just this last December 23rd we adopted Brigid f.k.a. Breez.

    My only regret about adopting another sugar cat has been that I didn't meet them sooner so I could have loved them longer.

    Mel and The Fur Gang
  4. Kris & Teasel

    Kris & Teasel Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    I'd do it for sure. Think of it as a way to honour your precious Tribby by passing on what she taught you to another sugar kitty. :bighug:
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  5. Olive & Paula

    Olive & Paula Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2015
    @CassWTribby I just did it 10 days ago. @Chris & China with DCIN helped me and this little beauty arrived from Canada. I lost my Smokey in 2016, He was so easy to test and got along with my others, so I was spoiled. I must admit 3 days after Love arrived, I wondered why did I do this? I didn't have to worry about shot times, carb counts, hypos, getting up at crack of dawn or staying up all night monitoring. Worry if they don't eat. But then she sat on my lap last night all on her own like she has always done it.

    Just look at her, that sweet face. Not being treated, not having a home, feeling crappy. And I can help. Give her love, security, a home, food and medicine she needs. I get more done because I now get up early, she has given me a reason to get out of bed. She now comes looking for head scratches, sits still to get tested. Follows me around like a puppy. She still hisses at my others but progress is being made. We don't know her history or how long she was in the streets on her own but she isn't now. I actually liked the "shopping" to get everything needed, learning what foods were good again, setting up a room for her.

    If you can do it, by all means go for it. You will be rewarded more than you can imagine.
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  6. JeffJ

    JeffJ Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2016
    I'll do it when the time comes. There is a special bond we form with our sugar kittehs. And we can always know that we saved them from either tougher times, or death. To me the rewards are high, and the purrs are stronger with our sugar loving kittehs.

    Since you already have the diabetes knowledge, that is one of the main challenges. It seems to me the costs are not that high.
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  7. sofapup

    sofapup Member

    Sep 17, 2015
    Honestly, I don't think I would. I work in a shelter, and I see so many kitties in need. I'm also surrounded by people who take care of special needs animals of their own. When my boy was diagnosed there was no question that I would care for him. It's pretty much the norm in my world. But....would I do it again on purpose? Maybe if I could go on a nice long trip without worrying, I'd be up for it again. But there is also the question of caregiver burn-out. Working every day with animals-in-need and people-in-need (our customers) may just be enough. Reaching that burn-out stage would mean less care for fewer animals -- at least from me.
  8. Larry and Kitties

    Larry and Kitties Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    I have had 18 or so diabetic cats. Except for two which became diabetic while in my care the others were adopted already diabetic from people who no longer wanted them. Five were from shelters, the rest from individuals. I find it rewarding but sometimes it is painful. The last one I adopted, China, only spent 16 days with me until she progressed to acute kidney failure.
    Yes, they can be a little expensive since generally they are older and thus more prone to problems
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  9. Vegetable (GA)

    Vegetable (GA) Member

    May 28, 2015
    @CassWTribby I would say follow your heart!

    I myself just adopted my second diabetic kitty, Faith who just arrived yesterday. This is my third diabetic cat, my fist kitty Vegetable (GA) crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2016. My husband at the time and I adopted a diabetic kitty through DCIN in September 2016 from a young girl that was just starting her career in the military and could not look after her. Tutz filled our hearts with so much love, she became my husbands kitty.

    The love and the knowledge you have to care for a diabetic kitty is not something to be wasted. It is a bit hard at first when you adopt a kitty. but they do something and your heart just melts. There are so many diabetic kitties that need homes, DCIN is posting on average of at least 100 kitties right now! All these kitties are so sweet and yet often looked over because they are extra sweet.

    Take your time and look at the kitties that need homes and when one speaks to you then you know that is the one for you. It's so worth the love and effort!
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  10. Olive & Paula

    Olive & Paula Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2015

    Welcome back. Looking forward to following Faith's journey.
  11. Lisa and Witn (GA)

    Lisa and Witn (GA) Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    YES! YES! YES! I have had 4 sugar kitties, two were adopted knowing they were diabetic. If I did not already have 6 cats and a dog along with knowing I will be inheriting at least 2-4 more in the near future, I would adopt another one.
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