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  1. Jeff Davis

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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hello all. Been a while since I've been on. I've still been struggling to get my 18 year old buddy Sketch regulated. We've done many blood workups and urine checks done. Our suspicion has been there is something else going on with him infection wise. Well, last Sunday night he had a strange incident. He suddenly went from being a relatively happy cat to one that was lethargic and very weak (difficulty walking and even lifting his head) in a matter of a couple hours. He appeared to be a very sick kitty at that point. I should mention he had been out for about 35 minutes prior. It was a couple hours after his evening shot/meal and even though he has always been high I did a quick BG test to make sure he wasn't crashing. He wasn't he was @ 351 +2 from shot and meal. I gave him some sub Q fluids but no improvement. Wondering if he had been possibly poisoned or ingested something (though no vomiting)I scooped him up and rushed him to the emergency vet hospital about 20 miles away for a check. It was about an hour before he was seen and by then he seemed to have improved quite a bit and his vitals were stable. They did a blood and urine work up. There wasn't any obvious bladder infection and was negative for ketones, The blood only showed high in BG (295 @+6) and a bit low in potassium. She felt the potassium could contribute but couldn't pinpoint that as the cause. Suggested treatment was a monitored IV to increase potassium, keep him overnight and have the specialist look at him in the AM. The AM came and he was examined by the specialist that contacted me with the news he appears to be recovered from whatever, eating and walking and acting normal. So the subject of the poor regulation came up and he suggested some tests that may help determine an issue. They sedated him did a full body examine, xray radiograph and an ultrasound of his abdomen. Most everything appears normal except there appeared to be some arthritis in his rt hip but the bigger concern was enlarged kidneys. Although his kidney values were good especially for a poorly regulated 18 yr old cat he felt the enlarged kidneys could be a sign of lymphoma which could be the reason for the poor regulation despite being at 6 units of lantis twice a day. His feelings however were whatever caused the issue I brought him in for wasn't related and thought possibly he could have had a minor anaphylactic reaction possibly due to an insect bite or sting while outdoors.
    The only choice on the kidney issue would be a needle biopsy and if it is lymphoma the only treatment would be chemo. I really wouldn't want to put him through that and Dr agreed that even though he looks really well for an 18 yr old cat that may be a poor avenue to take. So he recommended increasing dosage and recommended trying some diff food Royal Canine Feline GLYCOBALANCE (wet only...he has been on mostly Fancy Feast Classic and TIKI cat since diagnosed). He chows down the RC Glyco food but I recently saw the breakdown and it appears to be about 14% carbs so I have some reservations...on the other hand if Sketch does have lymphoma and his time is short I feel like what the heck if it makes him happy. (Kind of like telling your 96 yr old grandpa when he orders a cheeseburger and fries he should watch his cholesterol)
    So since I've gotten some very knowledgeable advice here I thought I'd get some opinions. 1) what may have caused the orig issue?. 2) thoughts on the possible lymphoma and how it might be affecting getting him regulated as well as possible alternative treatment.
    Currently I've increased the dose per the Dr to 7u in am and 6 1/2u evening. (his #s still high)..plus I give him 100 ml sub Q fluids every couple days....
    So discuss???!!! Thanks
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    Sep 25, 2016
    Hi, sorry can not offer any significant veterinary advice. But am sure those with more experince will asap. But I appreciate all your dilemmas. We have possibly been treading a similar path. We dont have precise answers as to exact diagnoses and cause & effect for Lila's health over the past 15 months but feel that at this significant age there is a lot of overlapping between kidney funtion/ diabetes/ ageing process/ diets. Sadly Lila crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday, her final few days suffering with symptoms of an acute uti which was quite likely to be part of a bigger picture. Just trust your instincts and knowledge of Sketch as an individual cat. If you can and want to perhaps seek out complimentary/ supportive therapies to support Sketch.
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  3. Jeff Davis

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    Mar 21, 2017
    So sorry to hear of Lila's passing and I know the pain you must be going through right now. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post in what must be a very difficult time for you. Take care. RIP and God Speed Lila....I know you will be missed greatly.
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