Best food for a diabetic cat

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    Aug 6, 2017
    Hi there! I just wanted to share what I feel is the best food for a diabetic cat. My boy, Rama, was diagnosed with diabetes in July of this year. He lost a dramatic amount of weight in a short amount of time, his coat was greasy, and he was hungry all the time. Once we found out he had diabetes, we started him on the insulin, Lantis. We also decided to change his diet which previously consisted of dry food mixed with canned and dry kitty treats. Although the vet recommended prescription food, I just didn’t trust putting him on that. My sister’s sweet cat had diabetes and had complication after complication, he was on prescription canned food and it didn’t seem to help him. After some research I decided to go the raw food route. I found an amazing freeze dried raw cat food called Vital Essentials freeze dried chicken patties for cats. I just crumble it up and you can feed it to them dry or with water for some moisture. I like to add water to it to make sure he is well hydrated but my other can likes it dry. I would feed Rama one patty in the morning and one patty at night. His fur is now very healthy, he has a lot of energy, and he has gone into diabetic remission. I wanted to post this because I had a really hard time finding the right food to help his diabetes and I really do believe this food was a major contributor to how well he’s doing now. As a treat we give him freeze dried chicken littles by Cat-man-doo. Both of my cats love their new diet and are doing better than they have in years. I really hope this food helps your fur babies like it helped mine. Below are links to the patties which you can buy on or amazon. I also linked chicken littles and dehydrated chicken sprinkles, which I highly recommend sprinkling on their food if they get bored with their regular dish. They love it and it’s pure protein! Please know that we also tightly monitored his blood sugar by checking it twice a day and midday on the weekends. We adjusted his insulin dosages by .25 as needed. We found insulin needles with half units which we found online and are meant for pets. I also shared that link below.

    Chicken Patties-

    Chicken Littles- man doo

    Chicken Sprinkles- man doo

    Insulin Needles-
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