? BG is 191 should I inject?

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  1. Tinker's Mom

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    Nov 12, 2017
    First let me say in advance- thank you so much to everyone who answers questions on this site. What a wonderful resource.

    Tinker is newly diagnosed and has been on Lantus two units twice a day. Today I switched him to wet food and I also started testing for the first time. I think the wet food made a big difference because he didn't drink nearly as much water today.

    This afternoon his BG was about 200 and just now it was 191. Should I still give him the two units of Lantus or maybe skip a dose or reduce it to one unit? I know you guys aren't vets but I am winging it here.

    Thank you so much!
  2. Chris & China

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    May 10, 2013
    Hi Laura and welcome to you and Tinker!

    At first, we generally say not to shoot under 200, but 191 and 200 are really the same number. Meters are allowed to have a 20% variance

    Have you fed him yet? If you get a Pre-shot that's lower than you're comfortable shooting, it's best to stall, don't feed and test again in 20-30 minutes to see if the number comes up on it's own without the influence of food

    2 units is actually a higher dose than we usually start with unless you have a very large cat. I'd probably suggest you drop the dose, especially since you're reducing the carbs in his diet. It's a lot safer to work your way up in dose slowly than to end up in a crisis because you started too high

    We have a spreadsheet we all use that will help us to help you, so you'll want to get that going as soon as you can. Here are the Instructions on setting up the FDMB spreadsheet
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  3. Tinker's Mom

    Tinker's Mom New Member

    Nov 12, 2017
    Thank you all... I did not inject him last night. Today is a new day! :)

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