? Bouncing on Novolin N?

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  1. Bama Kitty Mom (AL)

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    Jul 16, 2018
    Bama has done well on Novolin N up until the past year. I am nearing the bottom of a vial, having used it for 4 months now, and am considering making an insulin change. I don't have a lot of data in his spreadsheet as I have only been testing regularly for about a month and I don't test every day. Could someone please take a look and comment as to whether he is getting too much insulin or not enough? The early readings from July were when he was not eating well. I was struggling to get him to eat 1/2 of his normal intake so I restarted his insulin at .5 units.

    When he was diagnosed 4 years ago, the vet had me put him on Hills W/D dry and 4 units Novolin N, which he increased by 1 unit every week until he was at 6. No curves. Just had me bring him in every week until he declared him regulated at 6 then bring him once a month to test around supposed nadir. After a move, change of vet, change of environment [he became indoor only] two years ago, he gradually stepped down to 2 units last year. Diet has changed as well. Amazingly, he has never exhibited symptoms of hypo.
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    Sep 4, 2018
    I’m new to this as well and mine is also on Novolin. What is your kitty getting for food now?

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