Can someone look at Diamond’s SS

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  1. krazy4kritters

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    Jan 18, 2018
    We just started this journey and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing or looking for. The vet sent me on my way without even suggesting when Diamond should come back for a check-up.
    I know there is not much data on his SS. I guess I could use some reassurance that I’m doing ok or if not, what I can do better. I just checked his BG and it was the lowest ever at 145. I was going to feed my guys a snack and leave the house. Is it safe for me to leave? I know this sounds ridiculous.
  2. Tracey&Jones

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    Dec 12, 2016
    Hi, that is a bit of drop from the AMPS number.

    I would leave a snack out for sure. That number is not a low number over all. The only hesitation I have is we don't know when his nadir is really. Lantus can nadir any where from +3 to beyond....

    Love that you are home testing! I would just suggest getting a few more mid cycle tests in when you can. Lantus is really about how low is the dose taking them - which those mid cycle tests will tell you.
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  3. Nan & Amber

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Looks pretty good to me! Yes, a snack is definitely in order. 145 is quite safe, but if you're worried and can delay leaving for a bit, you can always get another test in a half hour or an hour to make sure you haven't caught him on the way down to a serious dive. Lantus usually nadirs (lowest point) around 6 hours post shot, but there is a lot of variation in that.

    Going forward, I think it would be really helpful if you could get more tests between shots. Nighttime can be a great time to grab tests.

    OK, as I was typing, Tracey just said everything I was going to say, so I'll just leave this to emphasize the points.
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  4. krazy4kritters

    krazy4kritters Member

    Jan 18, 2018
    Thank-you much!
  5. Veronica & Babu-chiri

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    Aug 5, 2016
    You are doing great Congratulations on all the testing!! as they said I think his numbers look very nice for a kitty that is just starting insulin.

    Since you are using Lantus you may consider posting your results and all your questions in the lantus forum, a lot of us post our results daily or every other day, even at least to me it helped me getting other's eyes

    This is the forum
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