Confined Feral Cat Newly Diagnosed w/Diabetes..

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  1. Miss Kitty's Mom

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    We've cared for Miss Kitty as an outdoor feral in a colony for the last 8+ years. We trapped her again about 2 years ago, and she's been living the life of Riley on our enclosed back porch ever since. She was just diagnosed this week with diabetes....ravenous appetite, excessive water drinking and flooding her litter box to the point that it's nearly impossible to scoop. It's like trying to dig through cement! Issues are...we cannot touch her to give her any meds/injections. We've consulted with our vet (who diagnosed her), and he wants to try to manage her with diet along....since really we have no other choice. She's on Purina Pro Plan DM canned food, which she we're hoping that it makes a difference. Huge problem though is her litter box. Even though we scoop 3-4 times daily, it's like digging through cement. We use Dr. Elsey's Ultra in the blue box, and it's sticks like glue to the litter box. Has anyone had a similar experience: 1) with diabeties with an untouchable feral? and 2) Does anyone have a recommendation about a better litter to use? Very happy to have found this site....and we would greatly appreciate any suggestions and to learn how you folks have handles like situations. Thanks much!
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    Jul 6, 2017
    Welcome. I use and love Okocat natural wood litter. It clumps but does not create the 'concrete' that clay litter does. carries it.

    It's very good of you to take care of Miss Kitty. I hope the diet change works. If not, I know there are others here with feral 'conversion' stories they could share to help you be able to manage diabetes treatment. Best wishes!

    (Updated to add... I should have mentioned. This is really just a welcome forum. The main health forum is the best place to post any questions you have.)
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    Apr 3, 2018
    Welcome to FDMB. I hope you can find solutions and answers to your questions to care for Miss Kitty. I do know that one member, Djamila has her story of conversion for her formerly feral Sam in her signature The process she followed is on page 3 of the document. It might be of some help to you.
    Very best wishes as you go forward on this journey.
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    Jun 7, 2019
    Just wanted to say welcome. I’m very new too. Pinot was just Diagnosed last Thursday. There is hope diet will make a big difference. Pinot had his first shot Friday evening, 2 shots Saturday and one Sunday. At diagnosis he was 607. Sunday we were able to get his blood tested for the first time. BG was 62. No shots since and BG is ok so far. I know it’s tough. Maybe you could get Miss Kitty in for a few shots of insulin and see what happens. I know part of your struggle. I have to put on motorcycle gloves just to get him in a carrier for vet visits. Well welcome again and hang in there.

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