Curve and Upping... ?

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  1. RobinHarley

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    Oct 18, 2018
    My vet wanted me to do a curve for another possible dose increase. I lost his depot so we were building it again for the curve... we had a day he was showing me mid blues (for the first time) and now he is up in the mid-high 300s and 400s again.

    Here are those days for a quick glance...

    12/5 - AMPS 388, +4 166, +5 141, +7 297, PMPS 446
    12/6 - AMPS 381, +4 346, PMPS 382
    12/7 - AMPS 425, +5 388, PMPS 454

    I am doing the curve on Monday, in two more days. Should I take December 5th into account... if the vet suggests an increase should we still increase? It was recommended most likely by .25 if we do.
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