Cushing’s confirmed

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  1. Ana & Frosty

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    Jan 19, 2018
    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to update you all - Frosty’s IGF-1 was normal, and since his dexamethasone suppression test was positive, he does have Cushing’s. I just picked up his Vetoryl - they are starting him on 10 mg. A different vet called me so our original vet is going to call me tomorrow to answer my questions.

    I could have ordered it for like half price online, but I wanted to start him ASAP since we already waited 2 weeks for the results, and I don’t really know how much time he’s got, so I don’t wanna wait another week for it to ship, etc. And maybe we will end up saving money on the insulin in the long run... who knows.

    I’m a little nervous that I bumped him up to 3 units of Lantus now... does anyone have dose advice for me? Should I decrease or back down to 2.75 or 2.5? Or keep 3 u and just closely monitor? I understand that 10 mg Vetoryl isn’t very high, but I am really afraid of him swinging the other way.

    Is anyone around who has used Vetoryl for some advice?

    Thanks again!!

  2. Wendy&Neko

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Sorry about the diagnosis. :bighug::bighug: Even if expected, it's hard to hear.

    I am glad you are getting on things quickly. I don't know if you'll hear from anyone with Vetoryl experience. The caregiver of the one kitty here had read to start with half the insulin dose, but since Frosty's numbers are so high, it might not be as much as that. Thank goodness it's the weekend and you can monitor during the day.
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  3. Ana & Frosty

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    Jan 19, 2018
    Thanks. She told me last week that the dexamethasone suppression test was positive, so it was either one or the other.

    As for the dose, I agree, he is not really regulated even on the 3 so I am not sure if I should just start it and see how it goes? Or go back down to 2.5 where he clearly wasn't regulated at all, LOL. He gave me a 378 at tonight's pre shot, which for him actually isn't horrible. I guess I will see what tomorrow morning's pre shot is and decide. I will probably give him the medicine in the morning, and yes thankfully the weekend is here so I can watch him all day tomorrow. I do have a concert to go to on Sunday, but if tomorrow goes well I will feel OK about it. I can get at least a +2 and a +4 on Sunday morning which will be good. and I'll keep monitoring at night. that's one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and pick up the med today.

    The one thing that makes me really nervous is reading everyone else's posts about their Cushing's cats. With the exception of Mary Anne, everyone's cat didn't last very long after diagnosis or even starting Vetoryl. It is pretty scary. But with the skin tears, it's really not an option not to treat him. So here we are... Please everyone keep your fingers crossed for me.

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