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  1. rawia

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    Aug 24, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    I hope to share me your experience and opinion about Metacam.

    I went to my vet to discuss the tooth extraction that Meme will have next.

    The major discussion was about Metacam, some members told me not to accept Metacam but my vet was so confident about it.

    She told me that Metacam is completely safe if the cat blood and urine test was good and as long as we are not use it for long term.

    She said that they will give her injectable one and give me a syringe with very low dose to take it with me and give it at home if she needed.

    Well i did my reading and there was different openion about this drug ( and i think that the dose in Europe is lower than the dose in US).

    She said that other options may take longer time in healing process and at the end it is my decision but she recommend it.

    I am little confused, i trusted my Vet but little nervous when told not to accept.

    Did any one use Metacam and was fine with it ? Please share your openion with me and sorry for the long post.
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  2. FurBabiesMama

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    Jul 6, 2017
    Hi. I have no experience with Metacam. When I took Willow in for her extractions, the dental specialist gave her Onsior (robenacoxib) (6mg tablet) primarily as an anti-inflammatory and Buprenex/Buprenorphine (0.5 mg/ml liquid) for pain (a shot was given while she was there).
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  3. Critter Mom

    Critter Mom Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2014
    Information on Onsior (robenacoxib) here.

    Information on Metacam (meloxicam) here.

    I'm in Europe and several of my cats have been given short courses of Metacam for UTIs without any adverse effects and treatment was successful. None of these kitties had any liver, kidney, or GI issues else I would have asked the vet about alternative treatments.

    NSAIDs are contraindicated in CKD kitties but, despite Saoirse being stable CKD stage II, out of dire necessity I did give Saoirse three doses of it when she had a really severe pancreatitis flare following an adverse reaction to either amlodipine or benazepril (can't remember which one offhand because she couldn't tolerate either of them) and buprenorphine alone was insufficient to control the pain. (Note: First dose was full dose for her weight and administered via injection by our vet, but second and third doses were set at half the recommended dose for her weight and administered orally.) Were it not for this circumstance I would not have given it to her; for the given situation both her vet and myself agreed that the benefit greatly outweighed the potential risk.

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  4. Marje and Gracie

    Marje and Gracie Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2010
    Metacam is definitely used more and differently outside the US than within it although I do see US vets recommending it’s use despite the black box warning for use in cats.

    One of the vets I used to go to used a very, very low dose of it over several months for a 21 year old arthritic kitty she had in her clinic and the kitty did fine....and she had CKD.

    I don’t know what you have available for use where you live and so it’s difficult to say whether it is the best option or not. For me, in the US where I believe there are options, I elect not to use it in my cats. But that is me, personally, because I know we have other options and because my current vets will not use it in cats. Even when my kitten had to have her rhinoplasty and spay surgery, and I let the surgeon know I did not want her to have convenia or metacam, he told me he did not use either in cats.

    I’d suggest you do your research online and then make a decision that you think is best for Meme.:bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug::bighug:
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  5. StephG

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    Sep 8, 2016
    Chuck had been given metacam at least 3 times in his life. Twice after ear hematoma surgeries. The latest was 2ish years ago (before becoming Diabetic) for a back/leg issue. He was given very small doses, 0.3ml I believe and only 3 days worth each time. So 0.3ml one a day for 3 days.
    He was fine on it and it helped A LOT. I think this is really a decision you need to make after doing your research. Some cats might do fine while others might get sick.
    If you're the tiniest bit nervous about it, furbabiesmama gave some options to ask about.
    For what it's worth, I would ask for a different medicine for Chuck today. I figure he doesn't need any other forces working against his health.
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  6. Critter Mom

    Critter Mom Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2014
    Which treatments did he advocate instead, Marje?

  7. CassWTribby

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    Feb 7, 2017
    Metacam can be hard on their systems. My Ory non diabetic became quite ill from an infected and cracked molar. I gave her cbd oil instead and she responded great. Restorative Botanicals 4paws pet blend is what we used. I take it myself now as well because I was so impressed. Cats cannot tolerate Thc so you need a pet blend with low concentrations.
    Metacam made Ory feel awful with in a day. I switched to the cbd oil and she was able to have surgery the following week. Hope your kitty feels better soon.

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