Diabtes and skin mites

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  1. MaSha

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    Apr 8, 2016

    Has anyone had experience with itchy diabetic cats?

    I've just read that mites that usually co-exist with our pets, can become a problem when their immune systems are compromised by a list of possible diseases and conditions with diabetes being in the top two.

    Our cat became itchy a few weeks before he was diagnosed with diabetes.
    Since then, after countless vet appointments, his itching has gotten worse. His belly is bald, so are his inner thighs, outer parts of his front legs, left side of his body... From time to time he gets small red bumps, like flee bites, that do not ooze. His ears are clear, but he gets from time to time lesions on his head between ears and eyes. He's treated for fleas.

    Our vets tested him for certain types of fungus, but they have never even mentioned mites.

    I still haven't ruled out poultry allergy. But his symptoms started long before we changed his diet. He's scratching and biting as if something were biting him.

    Thank you!
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