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  1. Shiframb

    Shiframb Member

    Mar 3, 2017
    Hello, my name is Margaret. I have a 12 year old male cat, Austin, who was diagnosed with diabetes Jan 4, 2017. I suspected he had diabetes when he had sudden onset of ravenous appetite, weight loss, and tested on my glucometer at 457. Confirmatory testing, including a "senior" panel, at the vets revealed he does have diabetes. Austin was started on Lantus at 1 unit twice a day, and since then has progressed to 3 units (I upped the dosage myself to 4 units for the last 2 doses) and has had absolutely no response. All his sugars have been in the 400s. The last BS, 6 hours after a dose was 527! I have been treating my diabetic dog successfully for nearly a year-he is on Vetsulin. I am a nurse with decades of experience. I have done more than 1 glucose curve and am very discouraged to see little to no response, and Austin continues to lose weight. My vet has tested for a UTI as it could have been a reason for the lack of response, but that is not the issue. i have switched from his Taste of the Wild dry food to wet food the vet suggested a month ago. I am in tears as I feel my cat thinks I am starving him. I am close to retirement and have limited funds. I asked my vet if we could try a dose of another insulin-like my dog's Vetsulin, just to see if it gets any response. She is suggesting that my cat could have some GI issue, that requires expensive testing. Any others out there who may have similar experiences and can offer me some advice? I am getting desperate.
  2. Larry and Kitties

    Larry and Kitties Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    Good insulins are the human Lantus and Levemir and the pet insulins ProZinc and BCP PZI. For those two human insulin it is best to get the 5 pack of 3 ml disposable pens via a 10 ml vial. Although per ml the vial is less expensive most cats will not use up a 10 ml vial before the insulin goes bad/becomes ineffective. The human insulin N/NPH is sometimes prescribed but only lasts 8-10 hours. Same for the pet insulin Vetsulin/Caninisulin.
    Most of us here test our cat's blood glucose at home using a human meter. We test before each shot and periodically between shots. We record our reading and other info in a spreadsheet. See:
    Here is a link to home testing blood sugar
    Can you post the results from the latest curve you performed?

    Please provide this information and other specific question as a new topic in the Health forum
  3. PurrKat

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Welcome! If you haven't already, I suggest posting the situation and questions on the main forum for more response.
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