Does anyone know the phosphorus values in CRAVE pates?

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    Dec 28, 2009
    I thought I'd ask here first before contacting Mars, in case someone already had. Has anyone gotten any As-Fed or Dry Matter values for the CRAVE line of pates recently offered by Mars (the makers of Sheba)? I'm specifically looking for phosphorus values. They're not on Dr. Lisa's or Tanya's lists. Here's a link to them on Amazon:

    Even though I can't stand the packaging, I picked a couple up at the pet food store because Bandit's been pickier with his food lately. I've not had a problem getting him to eat these, and they're low carb and the ingredients seem higher quality than the Sheba. However, his kidneys are not in good condition because of all the diuretics he takes, so I'm trying to encourage him towards lower phosphorus foods as much as possible. I know it's unlikely given the company, but if these are relatively low phos (or at least lower than Fancy Feast), I thought maybe I'd get a few more for those days when he's not having his other foods.
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