Does your Diabetic Cat have CRF/Kidney Disease? If so...

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    Dec 29, 2009
    This page will give you an overview of the treatment of CRF/Diabetic kitties and includes the links to the CRF Support List and the CRF Food pages. ... ailure.htm

    Another great site for explaining CRF (thank you Steph & Cuddles!): ... ilure.html

    Of course, there’s the main CRF caregivers site at:

    And for comprehensive CRF information or for all you CRF kitties across the pond (or meow with a British accent), go to this link as well or just go anyway - it's the best site for CRF info:

    Want to find fluids, needles, etc. at the best prices? Go to this great CRF Supplies page at:

    Thanks to Steph & Cuddles, here’s a fantastic site for learning to administer SQ fluids! ... juice.html

    And here are some other SQ fluid links given to us by Chris & Cleo:
    Videos on Administering SubQ Fluids: [Mar Vista Animal Medical Center]

    Acupressure trick for cat stressed during SubQs: ... _peg_trick
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