Dr. Pierson's homemade recipe question

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  1. LauraFromTexas

    LauraFromTexas New Member

    Aug 7, 2017
    I just started making Dr. Pierson's cat food recipe. When you cook the chicken livers do you boil them? And do you use the blood that they come in or just water? Also, I bought the Tasin grinder which can handle the chicken bones fine but not turkey legs. Can I just replace the turkey thigh bones for chicken bones? If so, would it be 2 chicken to 1 turkey?

    My kitty is loving the homemade food and my family and I are SO happy our house doesn't smell like the wet food or her super stinky poo anymore! It's totally worth the couple hours to make the food! :)

  2. Veronica & Babu-chiri

    Veronica & Babu-chiri Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2016

    I'm cooking a Dr Lisa's recepy too not the one on the Web page one specially made for my kitties but they totally love it too

    After some trying I discovered that the best way of cooking the liver is putting them covered in the oven at 180 C with out any extra water or anything it takes about 40 minutes for the liver to be completely cooked including the juices and blood that it has (specially with the liver I do think is best if it is completely cooked ). I do add all the juices and mix them with the rest of the chicken juices and supplements
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  3. Veronica & Babu-chiri

    Veronica & Babu-chiri Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    I don't know about the bones since I'm not using the bones but guessing for their weight I would say 3 to 1 (just a guess maybe if you weight them)
  4. donnalea

    donnalea Member

    Jun 18, 2016
    If you don't use bones, you should add in another supplement for calcium. I think I added calcium pills when I did it years ago.
  5. Veronica & Babu-chiri

    Veronica & Babu-chiri Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    Thanks, yes I'm adding a calcium supplement and a lot of other supplements, the reason why I'm not using the bones is because as I said this was a custom made recipe and my kittys can't have the bones among other things because of the phosphorus content of the bones ( not that this content is bad is actually very good for most cats but mine have a lot of special issues)
  6. katiesmom

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    Mar 1, 2013
    I'm curious, why are you cooking the liver? You are not doing the raw food diet by Dr. Pierson? I use her raw food diet, nothing is cooked.

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