Ebony is 1 month OTJ!!!

Discussion in 'Honeymooners / OTJ' started by Christie & Ebony, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Dec 10, 2017
    We probably don't test as much as other people would like, but it's what has worked for us. We're feeding Walmart's brand of cat food, as it has the same numbers as the Friskies pate that we had switched to on 4/24, and is cheaper ($1 for a large can that is the equivalent of 4 cans of Friskies). Ebony spent most of his diabetic time on Purina DM, but I quit ordering that once his numbers started falling steadily, and thus his insulin decreasing rapidly. We followed the SLGS protocol, as best we could. God really blessed us. I am primarily the one handling "stabby time" and no one else in the family really could do it. We had the finances, and I had the time to take care of him. We had a planned vacation a couple weeks ago, and just before the vacation, we completed the 2 week OTJ trial (and succeeded this time). So, while my mom had somewhat learned how to check his blood sugar, she didn't have to worry about insulin at all. Ebony likes being in the lower 100's, which I know most would say isn't remission, but every time I give him just a bare drop of insulin (for 150 or higher BG), he drops like a rock. Since his pancreas are holding relatively steady, we're going through the honeymoon motions (every couple days, then every week, then every month unless his behavior changes). Since he's been OTJ for a month, I wanted to celebrate with everyone who helped us along. He was on the juice for just about 6 months, and now he's off. So, thanks, again, everyone. You all have been the greatest of helps. Now if only I knew someone who could use the U40 syringes that we quit using the end of January....
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    Jun 25, 2018
    @Christie & Ebony your story is a little similar to mine as far as our vacation. We lost our dog to lymphoma cancer on 3/16/18. It was the hardest thing we ever went through. After he passed we planned a trip to Mexico for a nice getaway and to celebrate our Anniversary. Then our Tootsie was diagnosed with diabetes and its consumed our lives. I didn't even have time to grieve my other boy before having to give all this care to Tootsie. Don't get me wrong I will do anything for him but its been tough. So our trip is non refundable and we only have my mom that will help care for Tootsie while we are gone. She is a mess about it all. She already has a struggle giving the insulin shots and will not do any type of testing on top of it. She just has that feeling she is hurting him all the time even though I tell her she isn't. Right now Tootsie is doing so well and I'm hoping so bad to get him OTJ before the end of August. It would relieve so much stress. If you haven't gotten rid of tour U40 syringes yet that is what we typically use to dose Tootsie. If they have 1/2 unit markings they would be even more helpful for us. Congrats on your kitty and I hope he's still doing well.
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