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  1. Deb & Wink

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    Jan 31, 2013
    You asked
    "what kind or brand of safety scissors did you use for trimming your kitty’s ears? ( I think that’s part of my testing problems, he has medium-long fur and I end up poking extra times because it’s so hard to see the blood drops, and he gets aggravated at me.) thank you."

    For my black eared kitty, I used a safety razor, like women would use for shaving their legs. Fresh razor.
    VERY gently, run it over your kitty's ear edge to remove the fur on the "sweet spot". Finger underneath the ear, to have something firmer to hold the ear in place while you lightly shave the ear edge.

    I also have a pair of blunt nosed bandage scissors, for trimming out mats in the fur. Or can be used to cut the fur close to your cat's body so you can see the injection spot better. Metal comb with widely spaced teeth is also good for getting small mats out of the fur for longer haired kitties. Slow and steady, do not pull, hold the fur close to the body as you "tease" out the mat. Or take your cat to a groomer if the mats are really bad.

    Once you become more proficient, you can let the fur grow back.

    Tenting, pinching, or rolling a bit of skin and fur over your finger to see where to inject can be helpful too.

    p.s. You asked me a question and then I got sidetracked with clearing the heavy wet snow, plow guy, more shoveling, oil delivery truck, food for the birds,..................

    Took me forever to remember and find the post. Here is the answer for you. Finally.

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    Apr 27, 2018
  3. Noah & me (GA)

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    Dec 3, 2016
    We have some J.A. Henckels kitchen shears. They're well made and come apart for sharpening. Keep in mind these are nasty things meant to cut through bone, I nipped a cat once years ago and learned my lesson. Sorry Leroy. :blackeye:
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    Apr 27, 2018
    Probably will go with the blunt nosed scissors after all, thanks for responding.

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