Hello, thank you for having us.

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  1. Allyson & Cubby

    Allyson & Cubby Member

    Dec 9, 2017

    My name is Allyson, my 10 year old Cubby was diagnosed Monday, Nov 27. So far I've researched a lot and learned so much my head is swimming. I'm grateful to have this message board to bounce ideas off of. Thank you in advance... we look forward to getting to know all of you.
  2. Sandi & Whisper

    Sandi & Whisper Member

    Oct 2, 2015
    Welcome, Allyson and Cubby!

    Read, read and re-read. Especially any "stickies" at the top of the forum for your insulin. It won't feel like it is sinking in, but I promise it is.

    If you have specific questions, post in either the main health forum or the forum for your insulin.

    Glad to have you here, and welcome!

  3. Allyson & Cubby

    Allyson & Cubby Member

    Dec 9, 2017
    Thank you, I have been reading and posted in the main forum. You're my first reply. I'm anxious to get started but I am very overwhelmed. I followed the ProZinc forum. I'm loving all of the resources.... still learning to navigate.
  4. FurBabiesMama

    FurBabiesMama Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2017
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  5. Kris & Teasel

    Kris & Teasel Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    Welcome! We all know that overwhelmed feeling. :)
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  6. PussCatPrince

    PussCatPrince Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2017
    Let's both be overwhelmed together.
    I'm sure both you and I will get there in the end.
  7. JanetNJ

    JanetNJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2016
  8. DavesMom

    DavesMom Member

    Nov 13, 2017
    Welcome! Ditto to what others said, you cannot learn too much! My Dave was diagnosed in early November, so we are in a similar boat. I will tell you, there is not question too "silly" or "stupid", everyone here is beyond helpful.
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