Help with Willow, possible dose change? Many minor questions :)

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    Nov 12, 2018

    Willow was diagnosed around Nov 12, and we just moved to Ontario from Nova Scotia around 10 days ago without any real problems. During that period we were also treating her for a possible pancreatic flare -up (not sure, but the symptoms were similar) with bupe, cerenia and famotidine. Her appetite has never returned to "normal" aka "ravenous", and we're feeding small amounts (1/4 can FF) frequently as she sometimes appears uncomfortable after larger amounts (again, new to Willow). Is it "normal" for diabetic cats to frequently be slightly off their food? Also, she is often slightly constipated though she moves pretty regularly now with clearlax (miralax) and pumpkin. Sometimes she appears bloated (difficult to tell as her coats longish and she gets a bit nasty when you try to palpate her).

    Her appetite is usually pretty good but we sometimes have to push the food around to encourage her to eat. She often interrupts a meal to go to the litter. Yesterday she seemed more uncomfortable, and went under the bed a few times, and wheezier than normal; however she was also quite mobile for her (which is wonderful as we suspect neuropathy with both front legs; we've ordered Zobaline). Since moving to Ontario, she's definitely more active (although not moving a lot by any means...neuropathy) and bright/alert and seems stronger generally. She's also had 2 injections of B12, another due tomorrow.

    However, also since moving to Ontario she's been peeing and drinking more again, and her numbers seem to be increasing. Currently on caninsulin 0.4 units twice daily. It's odd that she seems brighter/better on the days that her numbers are higher. Should we be increasing her dose at this point? She's still in the blue range, and responding to insulin, just a bit higher with definitely higher pre-shots.

    I've just regained regular computer access and have updated her spreadsheet (with a mini curve today). On doing so I realized the famotidine injections were stopped just before her BG started to rise. Could this possibly be related?

    Also, we're thinking of switching her to Lantus because it sounds much better (with the smoother, shallower curve). Is it generally a better insulin for cats, and do you just switch cold turkey (one day caninsulin, the next morning Lantus for example)?

    Also tagging @Kris & Teasel hi! hope you don't mind :) and are doing well.

    Thanks for any and all advice and tips, with love,

    Nikki and Willow
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    Aug 17, 2016
    Welcome to Ontario! That's a huge disruption for kitties and humans and she might be feeling the effects. She might have some residual pancreatitis symptoms because those flares can dribble on a long time. The bloating might be related to low grade constipation.

    Re insulin dose: many of us notice that our sugar cats seem to feel better when the BG is running a bit higher. That can change over time as they spend more time in lower numbers. That said, I think it's time to bump her up to 0.6 u. She's doing pretty well but has a little room to drop at nadir. She's actually quite moderate in her responses to Caninisulin. Lantus is a very good insulin for many cats. You could try Lantus but it might not give you a much flatter curve than you're already seeing. Yes, you can switch cold turkey from one to the other with *maybe* a tiny dose reduction. You should post on the Lantus forum to ask about that if/when you decide to switch.

    Re famotidine effect: I'm not sure. I suppose if it was keeping her tummy more comfortable her BG might rise a little from discomfort after stopping it. Just a guess ...

    Are you all settled into a new house in Prescott?
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    Nov 12, 2018

    Hi @Kris & Teasel , thanks for your response.
    We're getting settled, thanks. Just so. Much. Stuff. lol

    Willow had a most awesome day today! Very mobile, and meowy like she used to be. Happy and cuddly and purry. So nice :)

    She does definitely get a growly tummy after meals, and usually has a burp just after eating, and often goes under the bed to sleep after eating. I really wonder if I should try (peptid-c I think it is? Have to look into it on the forum)

    Maybe I won't switch her to Lantus, as she doesn't have a steep drop with caninsulin. I will up her to 0.6 units starting Saturday, and will do a curve and update her SS then.

    Thanks again, with love,
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