I don't know where I can buy u-40 syringes sooner than later

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  1. catdaddy1

    catdaddy1 Member

    Dec 3, 2017
    Hello, I am brand new to this site and to cat diabetes. Does anyone know where I can get syringes either online tonight to be delivered tomorrow without paying a fortune in shipping or somewhere that I can just go buy them?
  2. Dyana

    Dyana Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    Welcome catdaddy1! I would post this in the Main Health Forum where you will get more eyes on your question.
  3. Sharon14

    Sharon14 Well-Known Member

    Aug 16, 2015
  4. Anne-Callie

    Anne-Callie New Member

    Aug 31, 2017
    Walmart has the best prices
  5. JanetNJ

    JanetNJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2016
    Walmart doesn't sell u40.
  6. JanetNJ

    JanetNJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2016
    I would just get a few from your vet to tide you over until you can get a deliver from Adwdiabetes.com.
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  7. FurBabiesMama

    FurBabiesMama Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    Welcome! I get mine from ADW but not overnight. I second what Janet said, get a few from the vet and order from ADW.
  8. donnalea

    donnalea Member

    Jun 18, 2016
    I buy the Carepoint U-40 syringes with half u markings from ADW. They come in a box of 100.
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