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  1. learjetta

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    May 16, 2019
    Boris is my 7 year old DLH who was recently diagnosed with diabetes (April, 2019). We were RVing in FL when Boris became lethargic and stopped eating and drinking. We rushed him to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with diabetes (in keto acidosis), pancreatitis, a bladder infection, and a non-diabetes related hip injury. He spent a weekend at the emergency vet while they attempted to regulate his blood sugar with a fast acting insulin drip and treated his myriad of issues, then transferred to a day hospital in Winter Garden for another 2 days.

    He had two BG curves performed while we were in FL, and both were pretty much all over the place. After the first curve we went home on 2 units BID Lantus, then increased to 3 units BID a week later.

    2 weeks later we were back in PA, and Boris had another glucose curve. This time it was more like an S shape, starting in the 90s, then 60s, then back up to 200 something. The vet suggested a break from the Lantus and a BG recheck 2 days later. We came back, this time armed with our own glucometer, learned how to take his blood sugar, then were told to check the nadir every day for the next week and call back with the numbers. I called back today, and they have increased his dosage to 2 units.

    I found this group over the weekend, and I am grateful! I am confident in my vet's abilities to care for Boris, but I also feel very strongly that more data is better than less. On Monday I began collecting 12 hour fasting blood sugar before the morning feeding as well as nadir data, and starting today I will collect 3 data points every day, at least until we get him regulated. I think next Wednesday I will also perform a glucose curve to get an idea of how he's faring overall on 2 units. My short term goal is just to get him well regulated.

    I'm looking forward to learning lots from you all!
  2. Sharon14

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    Aug 16, 2015
    Welcome! I’m so glad you’re home testing Boris’ blood sugar, that’s the best way to get him regulated. Come to the Main Health Forum and ask any questions you have. Hope to see you there!
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    Mar 27, 2019
    Welcome to this fantastic community. There is a wealth of knowledge here and everyone is very supportive. As Sharon14 mentioned post in the main health forum for questions as more people will see it. There is also a sub forum specifically for lantus where you can post your questions/concerns. At the top of the Lantus sub forum you will find stickies with a whole range of information. These stickies are very informative so you may want to read through them, if you haven't already.
    Again welcome to the group.:)
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