? Insulin Not Working?

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  1. Mary & Navi

    Mary & Navi Member

    Oct 20, 2017
    Good morning!

    So yesterday morning I gave Navi her 2u of Vetsulin and it didn’t seem to work much (293 amps/307 +1 /321 +3/363 +7/360 pmps). I figured it was because the vial was due to change (we were on day 43 after first puncture) and last night started our new vial. Her numbers only went slightly down before I went to bed (246 +2/243 +3) and figured it was because of the bad insulin shot that morning.

    Well, today doesn’t seem to be much better (289 amps/306 +2/243 +4). Are we due for a dosage increase? Could it be something else? She eats FF Classics. I feed her and the other cat 4x a day. 1 can am and pm before shot and half a can mid afternoon and before bed (so 2 1/2 cans total)...feeding too much?

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
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