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  1. RuthannGray722

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    Jan 29, 2015
    My name is Ruthann and I have a senior cat (found as a stray in 2003 at about age 3) named Lynx. He was diagnosed with Diabetes in September, 2014. My vet had him regulated with just a special diet for a little over a year. In the past few months he has begun to decline. I am now using insulin (.4 units) twice daily. He doesn't like the shots and hides from me. This has created more problems because I didn't have time to move furniture and to chase him all over the house before work. He almost died and I now have to keep him in his own room. He is eating well and putting on a bit of weight again, but his water consumption has increased again. I'm starting to feel his quality of life is deteriorating and I don't know how much longer he has left. Has anyone experienced the stages of Diabetes in a senior cat? How much time do I have left with him? I'm doing the best I can and what my vet tells me to do. I just don't want to be selfish and prolong his life if he is suffering. Thanks for any advice and info. offered.
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    Welcome! It's a tough question you've asked, and you may get a few more answers by posting about senior cats in the Main Health forum. But there will be a few more questions, such as do you home-test for BG levels, why did he almost die (diabetes related or something else?) and what kind of insulin?
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    Nov 15, 2011
    Vyktor was diagnosed at 15 and in remission before he was 16, he's now 18 1/2 and doing just fine :) I don't know how old your senior is but properly managed (which we can help you with) diabetes doesn't mean the end :)

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