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    Making the Most of Your Lantus & Levemir

    Insulin Support Group Experience

    Confused about our jargon?

    The Suggestions, Tech Support & Testing Area has step-by-step instructions for setting up a Profile and Spreadsheet for your cat. Profiles and Spreadsheets are not mandatory, but are extremely helpful to those who will be replying to your questions and concerns. Spreadsheets also offer an easy way for you to spot trends and track your cat's progress. We encourage you to take advantage of this tool.

    We have both Lantus and Levemir users frequenting this forum. We’re also lucky to have some knowledgeable and experienced volunteers who have stuck around to pay it forward. Their suggestions are based on personal experience, observation, anecdotal evidence, the Tight Regulation Protocol with Lantus or Levemir, and the Start Low, Go Slow Method.

    Help us help you by incorporating these suggestions into your routine...

    • Start only one thread per cat per day. Multiple threads scatter pertinent information about your kitty in too many places.
    • Please do not reply to a thread from a previous day. Post your response in the current day's thread. Responding to a previous day's thread bumps it up to the top and before you know it we have people posting in both threads.
    • Questions: Mark your first post of the day with the word “Question” OR use the blue question mark prefix when you have a question in your thread. Please remove the "Question" word/icon once you've received an answer.
    • Stickys and Info posts: Stickys and informational posts marked with yellow prefixes have been approved and vetted for accuracy by moderators and/or admin. Those without have not.
    • If you have questions related to content in the Stickys or Info threads, no need to start a new thread. Ask whatever questions you have in your daily thread.
    • Link your previous day’s thread (condo) in your first post of each day. Even if your last thread was 2 weeks ago, please link the thread. This practice allows those helping you to go back days and sometimes weeks to familiarize themselves with your kitty’s history before responding in your thread.
    Good to know when seeking advice...
    • Posting BG numbers - Crazy as it sounds, the United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not use the metric system as its predominant system of measurement. As the FDMB is based in the US, you'll undoubtedly receive more help if you convert BG numbers from the metric system to the Imperial System used by those in the US. Simply multiply the metric number by 18 to find the US equivalent OR use our handy-dandy Blood Glucose Converter Calculator.
    • Keep your Profile and Spreadsheet updated. Profiles and spreadsheets are usually the first place volunteers look before offering suggestions or advice.
    • The FDMB is an open and peer reviewed message board. Sometimes you’ll receive advice offered with the best intentions, but while the member may speak with authority, he/she may not yet have enough experience or simply doesn't fully understand the principles and/or the exceptions.
    • Check the spreadsheets of those offering advice/suggestions. Does their kitty's spreadsheet look how you want your cat's spreadsheet to look?
    • Be aware, the spreadsheet of a kitty headed towards going OTJ quickly is not always the best indicator of a caregiver's level of experience. Some kitties are lucky to go off the juice quickly and almost effortlessly.
    • Click on the advice givers name and search their posts to get a feel for their experience level. If spreadsheets aren't linked in signatures or years are missing, ask to see the spreadsheet(s). Do your homework so you’re able to make informed and educated decisions because ultimately, all decisions are yours to make.
    • Some members tend to offer advice in absolutes. Be wary. ECID (every cat is different) is not just a slogan!
    • Number of posts (there are a lot of chatty Cathys & Toms), number of "Likes" (think Facebook), or date registered on the FDMB (this software only goes back to 2009, but the FDMB goes back to 1996) are not indicative of the experience level of any member. Some members "get it" right away. Others may not.
    • We're all laypersons... volunteers with families, jobs, social obligations, time constraints, etc. Tone is often lost in the written word, but always assume everyone is trying to help and wants the best for you.
    • Responses can vary greatly... some are based on experience. Others not-so-much. Do your homework and weigh responses received before coming to any conclusions.
    • A sense of community in the Lantus & Levemir ISG is important. However, there needs to be a balance between chit-chat and being able to find questions that need to be answered and/or caregivers who need help because their kitty is traveling in low numbers.
    • Some off topic chit-chat is ok, but please try to keep it to a minimum in daily threads. The volunteers who are helping you have lives outside of the FDMB… friends, jobs, families, and other obligations. They only have so much time to spend in the Lantus & Levemir ISG. If their time is taken up wading through lengthy threads with non-feline diabetes related material they may never find the questions you or someone else want answered.
    • Rebecca, our Webmaster and site owner, graciously, although reluctantly, approved a single daily chit-chat thread in our ISG (Rebecca prefers off topic chit chat to be posted in the board's Community Forum). We named the off-topic thread "Loose Lips". Anyone can start the daily "Loose Lips" thread in the morning. Please check to see if someone else has put one up for the day before starting multiple Loose Lips threads. Everyone can post in the daily Loose Lips thread once it is started. Our daily "Loose Lips" thread and the FDMB's Community & Off Topic Forum are the places for social butterflies to gather.
    • Check your ego at the door. We’re all here to help our beloved kitties.

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