1. Morpheus & Sam

    Morpheus & Sam New Member

    May 16, 2019
    Hi all!

    I've been a member... probably since the day my boy was diagnosed. I just haven't said much. I've been mostly lurking and trying to get a handle on everything. My head's still spinning, and I have a bit of social anxiety (better with people with fur, than without), but since I've learned so much here already, and you all seem so nice, I decided to dive right in and say hello from Morpheus and myself.

    Morph is doing really well, attitude-wise. He's such a sweet boy, my gentle giant. Any information anyone has, please feel free to hit me with it. I found a glucose curve app on the Vetsulin site and have done one, among other things, adjusted food - sorry, this isn't the place, I know, there's one where you ask health questions. I just wanted to let everyone know that any information you want to sling at me is welcome. My husband and I are reading everything we can to get a handle on this.

    Which is sort of why I'm writing this "hello." There's another thread I want to jump into. With both feet, so to speak. I should probably sleep first, but... I'm not. :) Just tell me to hush up. It's all good.

    Also, please forgive the signature. Despite the shortness of this, I tend towards wordiness.
  2. Idjit's mom

    Idjit's mom Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    Hello back, and you are most welcome! I'm very glad you have decided to post and introduce yourselves and Morpheus.
    I'm glad you have made the signature, but I ask that you edit it and tell us what kind of food you give, Fancy Feast, Friskies, any other brand? And what type of glucometer are you using? It makes a difference to know if it's a pet meter or human meter.
    Here is a list of the things we like to see in the signature:
    kitty's name/age/date of diabetes diagnosis/insulin you're using and dosage amount /glucose meter you're using/what he eats/any other meds or health issues he has. You can add your name, and a geographic location (sometimes the time zone matters) Be sure to SAVE when you are finished.
    There is only so much space allowed for that information, so be concise and specific as you may be adding information later on.
    We use a spreadsheet here to record the insulin and testing data.
    You will see how the trends and patterns emerge, and members can review his progress before offering suggestions or advice:

    The more information provided the better, then we can advise and offer pertinent information.
    Please visit the FAQs forum and read through the Index, taking special note of the Hypo information. I hope you never need it but better prepared than not.

    Read the information at the top of the Vetuslin forum:
    and know how this insulin works and about dosages. Sometimes vets instruct us to give too high a dose because they don't know the blood sugar numbers real time. Better to test, as you are doing, thank goodness! and see if the dose is too high, too low or working well. It's our job to keep our furkids safe and help them to optimum health.

    You are correct about asking questions in a different forum, mainly because more members monitor the Main Health fourm HERE and it's all about getting the right information to you, as quickly as possible.

    Best wishes going forward :cat:
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  3. Veronica & Babu-chiri

    Veronica & Babu-chiri Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2016

    We are really glad that you decided to share with us about Morph, keep reading and please feel free to ask anything you want or need or just to share with us how everything is going

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  4. Morpheus & Sam

    Morpheus & Sam New Member

    May 16, 2019
    ETA: @Idjit's mom

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the information. My signature is adjusted to what it hopefully needs to be and we're looking through the spreadsheet information right now.
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    Reason for edit: Edited to add who this was directed to.
  5. Morpheus & Sam

    Morpheus & Sam New Member

    May 16, 2019
    Thank you so much. :)
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