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    Nov 11, 2017
    My 15 yr old Burmese Cat, Leo recently was put on Prednisolone for CKD, pancreatitis and IBD which he's response was doing well but I was concerned about him getting DM which I had researched. When I did my research on Budesonide, it stated DM side effect is low to none... I discussed this with my Vet whom agreed and switch him to Budesonide 1 cc per day. Be known to me, dosing is crucial to avoid side effects for diabetes but of course I didn't know that or did my Vet for that matter until I discovered this website: (Introduction to Steroids)
    Obviously it was too late and my cat developed severe Diabetes less then a month on the steroids, he's levels increased to 600+. I was horrified. He was constantly howling terribly, drinking/peeing a lot saturating he's litter box. Had to start insulin immediately which was another headache and major expense. So I was advised to taper him off the steroids to .5 cc every other day. Guess what, he's diabetes started going into remission and now off of insulin. I was lucky that poor Leo was diagnosed immediately to prevent blindness or any other serious side effects from untreated diabetes. My advise to anyone deciding to put your cat on steroids to read this webpage crucial info on proper dosing. This might avoid your cat from getting diabetes in the first place! Has anyone experience this same thing?
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