New diabetic kitty... lots of questions

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  1. Gawgagrl

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    Dec 15, 2017
    Hi! I'm Holly and my sugarcat is Delilah, she's 11 and is a feral American shorthair I adopted at 8 weeks along with her littermate Sampson. She wasn't having any symptoms except for back leg weakness. Her bathroom, eating and drinking habits remained the same. 6 months prior I had changed them both to a high quality weight control diet of dry food and they split a can of friskies seafood pate at dinner. Sampson has only lost 1.5 lbs (22 lbs start) and Delilah lost 7.5 lbs (20 lbs start now 12.5). She was diagnosed on 12/5/17 and I started her on the Friskies only twice a day and she began 1U of Lantus twice a day 12/14/17. Before starting lantus she was very energetic, playful, and affectionate. She followed me everywhere constantly begging for attention like her brother. After the second day of injections she became lethargic and uninterested in toys or following me. She was still affectionate and eating well. Bathroom habits remained the same. I was concerned so I took her BG after her pm injection.
    BG 15 min post injection (1U) 278
    +1 BG 238
    +3 BG 175
    +6 BG 190
    AMPS 247
    Gave 1U 15 mins later after eating 1/2 food
    +2 BG 192
    I called the vet and she was pleased with how well Dee responded to lantus but concerned with how fast she dropped (initial BG at diagnosis was 593 12/5) and concerned about the lack of energy. She had me skip the PM dose and test the BG this am (12/17/17) if below 200 I was to skip the AM dose. She was 197 this AM so I skipped the dose and fed her. She's still lacking energy and over the last 3 days her poop has become very loose and smelly. I'm just concerned because she's not near hypoglycemia levels but she's not acting like herself either. All her other labs and urinalysis came back normal except her BG levels. Her heart and lungs are healthy and her gums/teeth are in great shape. Anyone had experience with this or advice? I included a pic of Delilah. You can tell she doesn't feel well though
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    Jun 8, 2016
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