Newbie. Started insulin 2 weeks ago

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  1. Kathy and Mr. B.E.

    Kathy and Mr. B.E. Member

    Apr 29, 2017
    Hello all. Glad to be here...well not glad, but glad you're here for newbies.

    Nearly 16 years ago two tiny kittens showed up at my mom’s house, apparently having been dumped in the park nearby. I ended up keeping them, naming the female “Miss Kitty” (whom I lost last summer to cancer) and the male “Mr. Big Eyes.” His eyes aren’t really that big, they just always look fearful because he never really recovered from being abandoned. I’m surprised he’s allowing me to care for his diabetes, but that’s probably because he’s too worn out to put up a struggle—poor thing.

    I feel bad that I didn’t notice signs of diabetes sooner. He’s had CKD for two years, so he drinks extra water; he weighed 20 pounds three years ago and I’d been dieting him, but didn’t realize he’d lost too quickly recently; and even when I took him to the vet a couple months ago about skin sores I didn’t ask about his difficulty walking since I assumed it was old age/arthritis. When I finally googled about his “funny” walking I realized the most likely cause was diabetes.

    I also feel bad about what I’m feeding him now. When I was at the vet two months ago she said to feed K/D, so I fed canned K/D for a month, but due to the expense I discovered Hi Tor Neo, a non-prescription food for CKD which happened to be only 4% carbs. I’ve been reading articles and posts on this board for several weeks, so I knew that was a better food. Unfortunately I got scared and decided to get him on insulin quickly while there was still some life left in him, so I left him at the clinic, never got to talk to the vet, and none of the staff would listen to my pleas to feed him the low carb food while he was there. So he is eating K/D canned again now.

    I do plan to try to find a vet on board with low carb food as well as home testing and one that’s easier to talk to. In the meantime, I thought I’d be OK feeding the amount of K/D and giving the insulin as prescribed: half a can of food and 2 units of ProZinc twice a day. That only lasted for the first 5 days or so, then he didn’t want to eat as much. I’ve been giving just a little under 2 units of insulin, but I realize that’s not proportionately correct since he’s eating more like 1/3 can instead of ½ can.

    I’ve finally managed to do a few BG tests this week, still very nervous, but he’s letting me do it. I tested the past 3 evenings before feeding and giving insulin and the numbers ranged 211-217. Today I’m home sick and tested 6 hours after his insulin this morning. I expected I would see a low number, but it was 284. (I should say about 3 hours after he ate he seemed to want food so I gave a snack, just a couple teaspoons of food. I don’t know if that had much affect on the BG.) I tested again 2 hours later—8 since insulin this morning and it was 253. (These tests are with a human glucometer.)

    I’m afraid I’m giving too much insulin and maybe this is “bouncing,” I’m thinking I should back down to 1 or 1 ½ units for safety until I get more comfortable at testing and since I’m normally not home during the day. Does this seem reasonable? Eventually I’d like to switch back to the low carb food, but I don’t want to add too many variables now since I’m on my own until I have time to find another vet. (I know through a friend that my vet doesn’t approve of home testing, although I haven’t talked to the vet since the day I went in when I suspected diabetes. Her staff just phoned about starting insulin and talked to me when I went back to pick him up.)

    Sorry to go on and on! I’m so glad I googled into this message board from the catinfo website.


    Kathy & Mr. Big Eyes
  2. Tracey&Jones- GA

    Tracey&Jones- GA Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2016
    Hi Kathy & Mr. B.E.!

    I am too new to give dosing advice but I will respond to your post so we can bump you up a bit and get seen!

    QUOTE="Kathy and Mr. B.E., post: 1954783, member: 19283"]I know through a friend that my vet doesn’t approve of home testing, although I haven’t talked to the vet since the day I went in when I suspected diabetes.[/QUOTE]

    Lots of vets feel that way. My response? Would you give a human baby insulin without testing first? Of course not. My baby just has paws and fur! My vet eventually praised this board and Jones' results. You may want to find a new vet.

    High five to you on the home testing! Best tool you can have to keep B.E safe. The next tool is the spreadsheet we use here to help our people see patterns and assist in the advice section.
    Also, when you have a moment if you can add in your profile, then we don't have to ask the same question over and over. As well, in a emergency situation - it is easier to scan.

    IMHO - I don't think the KD is helping. That said, you can always keep it around as a higher carb food if you need it. There is a list on that show plenty of options of low carb, low phosphorus foods for CKD kitties and I do use them for my CKD cat mixed in the KD. Many here have CKD & FD kitties so there is some experience here to help guide.

    If you post to the Prozinc forum any questions you have (there is no dumb ones!) there is help waiting.
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  3. Kathy and Mr. B.E.

    Kathy and Mr. B.E. Member

    Apr 29, 2017
    Hi Tracey,

    I definitely agree with what you've said. I plan to find another vet as soon as I can. I also want to change food --perhaps mix the K/D with other food and gradually switch when I'm more confident I can do the testing. I'm already worn out from getting up earlier than usual to make sure he eats the canned food before I leave for work and give him the insulin. (He was eating dry food until just a few weeks ago, so the canned food is new, too.) I know once he and I are more used to the testing it will be easier so I can also do it in the morning. I tried a few times over the weekend to get a test and was so excited Sunday night when I finally got enough blood and didn't get an error on the machine!

    I appreciate the links to the spreadsheet and profile information. I wasn't sure what to put in the "About You" section when I registered and the instructions were very helpful. I'm jotting down my glucose dates, times, and numbers on a piece of paper, but will try to create the spreadsheet when I have a little more time.


  4. Yong

    Yong Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2017
    Welcome Kathy and Mr Big Eyes!
    Grats for starting the home testing! Definitely setup the Spreadsheet (SS) that Tracey gave you the link for. If you need help just ask! If you have a google e-mail, I can have one ready for you in like 2 minutes ;). Instead of the Profile information, put some info in your Signature (light grey text appears below each of our posts). Come on over to Prozinc with us! I've been managing my boys' diabetes with this forum, I just go to the Vet for insulin.
  5. Kathy and Mr. B.E.

    Kathy and Mr. B.E. Member

    Apr 29, 2017
    Thanks for the encouragement and additional information!
  6. Kris & Teasel

    Kris & Teasel Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    Welcome to you and Mr. Big Eyes. He's very cute! Congratulations on tackling home testing. We can help you get him on track. :)
  7. Kathy and Mr. B.E.

    Kathy and Mr. B.E. Member

    Apr 29, 2017
    Thanks, Kris & Teasel! Mr. Big Eyes doesn't look as good now. That picture is 5 years old. But I hope with regulated diabetes he may regrow some hair he's lost and look forward to getting help here.
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  8. JanetNJ

    JanetNJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2016
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