? Newbie-When to test & AMPS given late..what to do??

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    Sep 13, 2018
    Instead of waiting for my pet meter to come in the mail I decided to buy a human meter today at Walmart... the Relion Prime. I test Jack when I arrived home which was +8 and was 416mg/dL. So now that I have the meter what times should I be testing? I know I should test him right before I give him his lantus but is that the only time? trying to get Jack on 12/12 hour schedule with his Lantus is becoming quite a challenge. Jacks AMPS was 2 hours late because my husband got off work late. should I give his PMPS late also or at the regular time?
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    Jul 16, 2018
    I don't use Lantus. You may want to post this in the Lantus forum so others can advise. Generally if you get off schedule or need to change times you shoot, you can adjust forwards or backwards by about 1/2 hour per day. I'm glad to see you have started your spreadsheet. Check out other people's spreadsheets to become comfortable with reading the data. Testing at different points in the cycle is important in finding out how insulin is affecting the BG. Finding the nadir or point at which the insulin is at its peak [usually +4 to +7] is crucial in determining when to increase or decrease the amount. If you get an unexpected low preshot number, testing at +2 can give an idea if kitty will head too low way before nadir and you can prepare to steer the curve with food as needed. Late cycle testing [+8 to +11] will help determine how long the dose is effective. In short, grab as many tests at different times mid cycle on different days as you can and keep your SS updated.
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