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    Feb 16, 2018
    Hi All -

    My 13 yo male cat Diago was recently diagnosed as a diabetic on February 1st. My vet prescribed Novolin-N, 2 units BID. I currently have 3 cats and free feed Science Diet hairball control since it has a high fiber amount. We had anal gland issues a few years ago so the vet recommended a high fiber food. In looking at the forum it appears free feeding is out (even though the vet mentioned it would still be o.k.). Also, I see wet food is much better due to carbs. I'm working to switch him to Fancy Feast Chicken Classics, however it is hit or miss if he eats. Today is the first day, he wouldn't eat at all and didn't eat much at all during the night. I didn't give the insulin injection based on reading this forum.

    When the vet diagnosed him with diabetes he also indicated a bladder infection and prescribed clavamox drops. He was peeing so many places which I'm hoping stops once he is regulated. Since using the antibiotics and attempting to switch him to wet food he has had diarrhea and it's not getting better. This is my first question, should I be calling the vet or should I wait until he is done with antibiotics and see if it clears. My thought is yes. Looking for others thoughts.

    Additionally, I know it mentions if they don't eat don't give the insulin due to potential hypoglycemia. I seen him come up the stairs at 11:30 AM licking his lips so he finally ate (dry food), but obviously no injection until the next time which is around 7 PM tonight. His appetite is quite decreased as well as urination and drinking. The vet said these are indications that the insulin is working but I'm worried. He has also been sleeping A LOT. All other indicators for his bloodwork were in normal range, no other issues.

    Yesterday when I got home from work I noticed he had thrown up in the basement after his morning wet food. The last pile of vomit appeared to have diluted blood, although not 100% sure. Honestly, I'm sure everyone will say he should see the vet and probably have an endoscopy but the cost alone is extreme.

    Please let me know if anyone has similar experience or recommendations on our next steps. Note, we're only doing chicken Fancy Feast because he's allergic to several other proteins. Thank you all in advance. Looking forward to helpful feedback.
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    Aug 16, 2015
    Welcome! Are you home testing? We highly recommend it especially if you are transitioning to a lower carb food. It’s the best way to keep Diago safe and see how well the insulin is working. It’s possible the combination of the antibiotic and food switch is causing the diarrhea, but a call to your vet won’t hurt. Come to the Main Health forum and ask your questions. There’s more traffic there and you’ll get lots more input.
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    Feb 16, 2018
    We aren't doing home testing yet, trying to research which glucometer would be best. I'll copy my thread into the health forum per your recommendation. Thanks so much!
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