Newly diagnosed on Prozinc & still high.

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  1. Mayra & Miss Sammy

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    Feb 13, 2017
    My name is Mayra. We have 5 cats and one 16yr old Pomeranian. Sammy is my baby girl that was diagnosed on January 19. She currently weighs 8lbs. We noticed she was drinking lots of water and urinating a lot plus all the weight she was losing so we took her to the vet to get checked out. Her bg was 400. I had to bring her back and leave her for 3 days so that they could monitor her bg. She takes 2 units of Prozinc 2x a day. I was told to feed her Hills Prescription Diet, Digestive/Weight Management. I couldn't afford to get the wet food. I purchased the Alpha Trak 2 meter and strips are so expensive but I have to drawn her blood before giving her the insulin shot. New, scared & confused. HELP!
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    Aug 16, 2015
    Hi Mayra, welcome to you and Sammy! It is scary at first and there's a lot to learn, but you're in the right place! Prozinc is a good insulin and home testing Sammy will enable you to see how well it's working. We can help with cheaper food and testing options. Post in Main Health or Prozinc Forums with any specific questions.
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