Nikko OTJ for the last 14 days!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Honeymooners / OTJ' started by Nikko, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Oct 2, 2015
    Well a long story that I will attempt to keep as short as possible!

    We had a previous cat-Blaze that was diagnosed with diabetes about five years ago and I happened onto this site back then and received great information about testing and changing his diet to low carb fancy feast.....We started home testing at the Vets request and after about a month he was all over the place. I came to this site and ask for assistance in getting him regulated better. About a week later someone said that we could possibly get him OTJ if we change to an all Fancy Feast low carb diet. Told the wife and immediately went to the store and purchased a bunch of the flavors.......We were able to get him OTJ immediately after changing his diet. Literally the next day no shot and this continued until he passed away from chronic renal failure about a year later at a healthy age of 19!!!! While we were heart broken at the time, we owed the folks on this site a lot for that extra time with him!!!!!!

    About a month ago......

    Nikko gets very sick with UTI and the Vet also says that his glucose is borderline high and we would need to keep an eye on it.....after he went through the 2 weeks of antibiotic for the UTI he still was not acting right. Took him back to the vet to find out his glucose was in the 400-500 range and had high ketones in urine. Stayed at the vets for 5 days to receive intravenous fluids and figure out how much insulin he would need. Vet put him on 2 units twice a day. Asked him whether or not he felt we needed to purchase a meter and test ourselves......He said "Nope" not necessary, just bring him back in 5 days and we will see were he is.......Told the wife after we had left that I did not feel comfortable based on our previous experience of not testing at home.....

    Brought him home....dropped him off and ran to Walmart to get a glucose meter!!!!! Started testing daily AM/PM pre meal on a total Fancy Feast diet his numbers were between 200-300....That is when I came back to this site for a refresh and ask for some advice! Very good advice given I might add!!!!!


    Nikko has been OTJ for 14 days with readings starting with a 96 two weeks ago and staying under 175...slowly but progressively falling to numbers recently below 100 with a couple blips above 100, but still in high normal range!!!!!!! Did a every 3hr curve the last two Saturdays and found what looks to be a pancreas working pretty darn good!!!!!!

    So I BELIEVE we can say he is HONEYMOONING!!!!!!!!

    If someone on this board could take a look at his spreadsheet to verify this or advise me on the next steps that would be fantastic!!!! My plan is to test once every three days for the next two weeks, once a week for a month and then monthly after that....barring any setbacks.....So good?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Trevor "Nikko's Pet"
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