? Oreo Joe goes to 11 U Friday AM

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  1. Bonnie & Oreo Joe

    Bonnie & Oreo Joe Member

    Oct 9, 2017
    I am going to make a vet appointment if I can get through to the office. Something is wrong with the phone lines no matter what number I call there is a busy signal. He will need his thyroid blood work done.
    Not that it should have any bearing on his insulin problems. His spread sheet is correct and up to date. He is hitting pink at bedtime now and before it was yellow. This morning he was 320 and he got his 10½. Normally he is quiet. If he mews it is soft and often just stares at me and moves his mouth. 2 hours after his shot he let one of those cat ready for a cat fight howl that actually made me look out the window to see what was going on. He was standing in the Dining room staring into the living room at my husband, whom he normally ignores, and howled. Since I had nothing else to check I checked his glucose and it was 283. I was afraid it had gone higher. I just wanted to update and I know there isn't going to be anything new you haven't already told you. Just makes me feel better. Hubby said that he would put Oreo Joe to sleep and get a new cat. I said great we can't adopt a baby as you have to look like you have 20 more years to live. So we would adopt an older cat of 12 or 15, still pay $100 to $150 even though the cat has come from a home where the person died and is fixed and has all shots up to date. Then we will get him home and he will get sick and where would we be. Well foster is an option but many are feral I need cuddles. Old and sick = needs comfort! He said as long as I was spending my money I could do what I want. I just am not taking some of my meds which I figured I didn't need that much as they are not covered by our "cradle to grave" benefits. That is more and more things. Right now I can squeeze out what he needs for the next 1½ months.
    Thank you I needed to cry on a few shoulders. Hugs, Bonnie
  2. Djamila

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    Aug 1, 2015
    Oh Bonnie. I'm so sorry you're going through all this! This is a good place to vent as we all understand how difficult it is to balance our finances and our own well-being with taking care of a our sugar cats. You are taking great care of Oreo Joe, but I want to emphasize that you need to be taking care of yourself. Please check with your doctor and don't just be skipping your own medications. Your health matters too!

    That is curious about the howl from Oreo. I wonder what he was thinking? Probably just one of those things. Sometimes kitties have a bit of a moment, just like we all do!

    Hugs to you, my dear. I hope the next few days find your spirits lifting. And really really: please guard your own health and well-being! :bighug:
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  3. Bonnie & Oreo Joe

    Bonnie & Oreo Joe Member

    Oct 9, 2017
    The medications are ones that I can take if needed and since nothing really helps CFS and these meds were ones the state no longer covers I skip them. There is an estrogen one that I am to insert but that is very expensive and because so many women use it they stopped paying for it. lol We are trying to solve what we can using vitamins and herbs for inflammation, neuropathy, restless legs, cramping in legs and actually they work better than the medications that are available but those also are very expensive. But in that way we have to have some comfort. If I hadn't started them I would have more money for Oreo Joe. His dose is 11 U started this morning and instead of going down he is going up!! He is higher at +7 than he was at AMPS. It seems to be getting worse. Not sure what to do. Usch I try to be the best Mom a cat could want and he is so sweet. Now not only does he come when I call him I set the timer and when it dings if he isn't on the porch he is here in a nano second. lol Up on my lap, here is my ear. Yeah you can hold and cuddle me but only for a bit. I will purr so loud I can be heard in the next room. Nope no kisses, boys don't kiss girls. Bye, I will lay on your lap when winter comes.
    Do cats ever never reach a dose that works?
  4. Kris & Teasel

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Yes, they do eventually, Bonnie. Sometimes it's a very high dose. Many of the high dose kitties are on the Lantus/Levemir forum because they generally end up on those insulins. There are kitties who are in the 15 -20 u range and higher.
  5. StephG

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    Sep 8, 2016
    My cat got up to 8 units of prozinc when I switched to Lantus. I couldn't afford prozinc at that dose. It was about 27 cents per unit and Lantus was 11 to 15 cents per unit when I switched.
    We got up to 19 units of Lantus. He's now back down to 10.5 units. Try not to lose hope!
    I know the struggle. I'm not sure if a switch to Lantus or levemir is possible but it could be worth looking into. I haven't read all your posts, forgive me if this has been discussed before.
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