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  1. ScottM

    ScottM New Member

    Jul 21, 2015
    Hi all - I posted this in the main forum, but thought I'd also post it here since acromegaly is its own specific challenge.
    2015-04-04 19.41.38.jpg

    Just stumbled upon this group. Our cat, Mowglie, a black Russian long-hair about 8 years old, was diagnosed with acromegaly about 8 months ago, after trying to figure out why he was eliminating outside of his litter box and was constantly voraciously hungry. We're working with a specialist in Glendale, CA, the Animal Specialty Group. We're at 11 units now but his blood sugar has never gotten below the high 300s and is often in the 400s.

    Thus far, while we have known that problems could occur down the line, we haven't experienced any scares with Mowglie. But this weekend he had what seems to have been a low blood sugar event. He had a kind of seizure and subsequently had trouble walking and eliminated uncontrollably. We rushed him to the vet who could only give us some theories as to what happened and didn't really do anything for him except give him a bit of oxygen. The next day, yesterday, he seemed to basically be back to normal (or normal for him).

    Honestly, it really shook me. I deeply love this boy, and while I've felt like I've been coming to terms with the realities of this disease, I guess I didn't realize how much seeing him suffer would impact me. It's made me want to get more serious about finding some ways to at least prolong his life and mitigate his suffering.

    While we've been moving him toward a more raw, wet food diet we haven't yet fully gotten there, so I want to make that a priority now. I understand from browsing around here that Levemir may be a good move to make. Has anyone tried ubiquonol to help mitigate the impact of the high blood sugar? Dr. Karen Becker recommended this as potentially helpful.

    I'm glad to have found this group and welcome any thoughts or ideas.

    All best,

  2. julie & punkin (ga)

    julie & punkin (ga) Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2011
    Hi Scott - you've gotten several answers in your introductory post. All the high dose kitties now just stay in the lantus/levemir insulin support group. You're welcome to join us!
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