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    Nov 2, 2018
    hello. my name is pattie and my male cat paca has been diagnosed with diabetes. his blood glucose at the vet when diagnosed was 540. he was put on 2 units of vetsulin twice a day every 12 hours. i site called diabetic cat international told me to try to home test his blood glucose. i am currently waiting more strips for the glucometer but these are the readings i had. he is on mostly wet food and eats about 5 times a day. 1 can fancy feast at each insulin dosing and 1/2 can in between. 5am-dose & meal, 10 am meal, 1pm meal, 5pm dose and meal, 8pm meal.


    11/03 5:30PM ………… 375 20.83 1.75U


    11/04 4:45AM …………. 431 23.94 2.00U


    11/05 5:00 AM …………. ………………….. ……………….. 2.00U

    11/05 ……… 10:05AM 255 14.16 0.00U

    11/05 ………. 12:05PM 207 11.5 0.00U

    11/05 5:00PM ……………. 366 20.33 2.00U


    11/06 5:00AM ……………. ? ? 2.00U

    11/06 5:00PM ……………. 296 16.44 1.8U

    they told me that i should be giving smaller and more frequent doses through out the day. but i am afraid to do this. here is my question: if a cat is put on insulin 2x a day every 12 at 2units and if i am home glucose testing, could it be possible that am he might need 2 units and pm he might need 1.75units? or are the doses to stay the same such as either 2 units 2 x a day, or 1 units 2 x a day? Please help. i have a conversion chart and it shows me that if the BG = ? then blank amount should be given. my main concern is should the cat be dose 2 x a day at the standard protocol and is it possible that the cat's BG before the doses when different could result in one dose being 2 units and another being lower? thank you very much. totally desperate. need help fast.
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    Jul 16, 2018
    You ask some very good questions. Since you are dealing with Vetsulin, you should post your question on that forum located here so that members who are familiar with the workings of Vetsulin will see it and respond.
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    Nov 2, 2018
    after posting this i did see that forum. i copy pasted it there as well. thank you
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    Nov 2, 2018
    it says that a moderator needs to approve it before it is public posted :(
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    Here's the most basic testing routine we recommend:
    1. test every day AM and PM before feeding and injecting (no food at least 2 hours before) to see if the planned dose is safe
    2. test at least once near mid cycle or at bedtime daily to see how low the BG goes
    3. do extra tests on days off to fill in the response picture
    4. if indicated by consistently high numbers on your spreadsheet, increase the dose by no more than 0.25 u at a time so you don't accidentally go right past a good dose
    5. post here for advice whenever you're confused or unsure of what to do.
    This is useful:

    That's a method followed by some groups but we don't advocate that here on FDMB. For one thing it's a heavier monitoring burden for the owner. The method we follow here for all insulins is two doses per day 12 hours apart.

    That's a possibility with an in and out insulin like Vetsulin but would be done after the kitty has been on insulin for a while, the owner is testing regularly and the data shows that this might be a better routine for that kitty at that point in time.

    That's a version of sliding scale dosing. Again, best kept for later if it's needed at all.

    Here's a great guide written by FDMB members who are very familiar with Vetsulin:

    I hope this helps. Ask a ton of questions - lots of expertise here. :)
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    Nov 2, 2018
    Thank you so very much. Much appreciated. I did not really want to do that sliding scale version. It is hard enough. I will check out all the links and just as soon as those test strips come in I will begin the record of blood glucose levels. It's taking longer to come in from the mail than i had expected, especially with no post on Monday. I pray for Tuesday they are here or I'm gonna have to call the company and possibly buy a different meter which I cant really afford to do. But anyway. Thanks for all the advice. You all are my site for further questions.
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