Post pituitary surgery discussion of medication and other issues

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    Jun 7, 2012
    @John Irene and TITAN , @Amanda & Shmee and I have all had our kitties undergo surgery to remove their pituitary gland within a one month period. If you want to ready about some of the issues we have had with the meds they are now on, and a number of other things we have encountered, please go here:

    One thing you need to know about this surgery is that it doesn't fix things immediately and there is also a learning curve with regards to providing your kitty with the proper care afterwards. But, if you have negotiated the waters and have learned the Sugar Dance, you will have no problems learning this new one, as its merely a variation on the same theme.
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    Feb 18, 2018
    This ^ is the thinking that helped me decide to have the surgery. But, I still don’t know if it was worth it for Shmee. At this time I honestly think it wasn’t, but I’m trying my best to hold out hope it will be at some point. Shmee became OTJ, but he’s not my cat anymore. He’s depressed, lays around all day, hardly meows (very different than his old self), and when he does it’s not the same. Literally a different sound. He’s easily annoyed, developed pancreatitis from the trauma and stress of the hospital, always extremely hungry and no one knows why (my vet says “fat cats are hungry”...... but he was never like this before) and will most likely be on the extremely expensive (way more than insulin) Desmopressin for the rest of his life (something that is “very rare”...). If he was younger, and a different personality, this may have gone better. He is very sensitive and I should’ve known him better, that he couldn’t handle the stress. He was so happy before this. Now we are all suffering and I miss him every minute of the day and second of the night, as he used to lay with me almost all his life... right next to me. Now nothing. His eyes are also constantly dilated. Just my two cents... I hope sometime in the future I can update this and say he’s better.

    PS Susan have you tried the refractometer yet? I haven’t. I don’t understand it and Dr. McCue hasn’t called or emailed in quite a while.... I tried to get some pee but Shmee got very mad at me. So I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get a sample like I used to but I have to try again soon.
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    This is a very good info thread.

    Amanda, I also hope Shmee eventually turns around and becomes a friendlier kitteh. None of us really expected him to become so radically transformed. .....I was just in NYC for the last 3 days and was remembering the nice lunch we had together there...when Shmee was having his operation.
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    Jun 7, 2012
    I finally got a sample for the refractometer and got a 1.020 reading. When you first use it, you have to zero it - take a drop of water and focus the lens, then adjust it per instructions to set it at zero. The SG readings are the ones on the left.

    Sophie mostly uses pee pads in litter boxes, though occasionally she is starting to relent and use a regular litter box at times. I just happened to be in the basement where everything is set up and she was peeing in her favorite box on a pad. I grabbed one of the clean cans from our recycling and scooped up some pee before it could sink into the pad. Plenty to create a sample to use on the refractometer.

    I really wonder what the deal is with other kitties who have had the same operation, whether it be at RVC, AMC or in Washington. No one discusses moods, etc in anything that I had read prior to deciding on Sophie's surgery. This is very important information when deciding on a life changing operation like the one our guys went through. I just hold onto the hope that 6 months or so from now, all of our cats - Shmee, Sophie & Titan from the UK - will be in a better place mood wise and back to their normal selves.

    Sophie is still on desmo, too. I use injectable from Wedgewood Pharmacy out of NJ. It costs $86 for the vial including shipping ($56 for the meds, $30 for shipping, shipped overnight), less than the place that AMC got it at in NYC. She is just on a very small amount, so that vial will last me a long time.

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