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  1. MunchieMA

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    Nov 19, 2017
    Hello! I am new to the forum as my sweet Munchie was just diagnosed Friday evening. I have been really anxious at home about his levels and inadvertently causing a hypo episode, so thankfully with the help from members on the Facebook page I went and bought a (human) testing kit and am now able to test his Blood Sugar level at home.

    However, I naturally have questions!
    I tested today at 12:30 pm and Munchie man ate his wet food breakfast at 6:45 am. His level was 366. He has only had 3 ProZinc insulin doses total so far. Is there a better time to test? a certain time that I should be checking? Also, I read somewhere that the results using the human testing kit are a little lower than the animal kit ones, is there merit to that? His level was 411 at the vet Friday evening but I also read they could read higher there because of stress...

    Also, we switched his wet food to some better, healthier options thanks to the nutritional chart sent to me on the FB page... but my vet told me not to make changes yet because she said if it drops too quickly we could be in trouble. I didn't want to NOT do anything so I switched his wet food and am now only giving him 1/4 a cup of dry food for the day (he used to just graze on it all day as desired). She was worried about rocking his world too much but he seems like he is adjusting well... he is acting like his usual self and is liking the new wet food ( I got his usual fancy feast brand but this time bought the chopped grill feast, and then I got the blue wilderness chicken recipe which is high protein, grain-free and only like 2% carb count I believe? and I also got some of the dave's brand which is 16% protein but I don't actually see a carb count here... it has no wheat or wheat gluten, no artificial flavors or coloring and is grain free.. Dave's pet food city is a chain in Massachusetts for those not familiar..)

    I'm hoping these are better choices but I'm contemplating just getting rid of the dry food entirely? I know my vet warned me against doing this early but I think I would feel better doing this now that I can test at home ... but I'm just looking for some guidance please!!! Thank you for your help!
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  2. shelaghc

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    Jun 28, 2017
    I'm still a novice, but you're about to get a round of choruses saying "Get rid of the dry food entirely!"
  3. MunchieMA

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    Nov 19, 2017
    I feel like that's what I should be doing, but at the same time I don't want to directly do everything the vet asked me not to! Munchie man gets very angry and vocal without his dry food out, but I would rather have him here screaming at me and being angry if I was helping him become healthier in the long run..

    He has lost a little over 1 pound since his last wellness appointment in September so I don't know if that makes difference?
  4. Sylvie

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    Sep 26, 2017
    looked into dave's regular brand, they were mostly pretty low in carbs if i recall right. We decided against using them though because almost all flavors had chicken in them even though flavor name didn't mention chicken in it (one of our cats throws up his food for over a day when he eats any wetfood with chicken in it) and ingredients list contained carrageean in flavors i looked at and i will not pay high prices for can foods that are suppose to be better, yet have that in it!

    except when we tried not to be for a week plus, we have always been and still are a free feeding household and leave dry food out. However we switched to low carb dry foods (young again zero carb formula and evo turkey - 8.41% carb) for everyone to eat or graze on after our diabetic cat got diagnosed. if you are feeding 1/4 cp of a high carb dry food, i would get rid of the dry food completely if your kitty will be fine with you doing that, if not i would replace his dry with one of the low carb ones (ones i mentioned and theres also a dr. elsey protein one). my diabetic cat has done fine grazing on these low carbs dry (i mix them 50/50) during the day/night, his numbers are usually in low 100's regularly.

    as for testing, no matter what insulin we use, we should always test BG before each injections and a nadir (nadir is usually 4-6hrs but, i use lantus insulin and don't know what it is for prozinc). i tested extra because i did switch foods to low carb ones right from the start, you doing so too will allow you to lower insulin dose if his numbers get a lot lower after switching his foods).

    when i first came to the this website i learned quite a lot about what and how to do things on home page ( very helpful reading if you have time, sure helped me a lot.

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