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    Sep 13, 2018
    Hey there i was told to repost this here! If it's in the wrong section i am sorry. Just trying to help my little guy.

    Stu is 8 years old. 4 years ago he became very Ill was in full keto. After many days at the vet hospital and many dollars we brought him home.

    Using DM dry we had him on lantus up to 5 units but could never get a good curve. Always high numbers. Then one day testing pre food after 3-4 months of insulin and he was like 5.5. So we monitored and he was In remission...until about a year ago.

    This is when we noticed all the signs of being unregulated.

    For the past year working with the vet we had increased his dose fro. 2-6 units with still no regulation.

    At this point I took It into my own hands and even though the ver said dry DM was good I switched to wet food. After a couple days on Merrick wet he was still reading high (15-18) on 5 units.... then about a week ago he looked a little hazy and I tested again. He was 2.5!!! So I gave him some dry to bring up his numbers. Gave him no insulin and the nest morning he was back to 18.5 with one meal of dry and no insulin.

    Since we have reduced his dosage to 2 units on wet food. And testing has been good. But testing last night he was 5.5 before dinner so we gave no insulin and 9.5 this morning before breakfast. So I gave 1 unit of insulin

    At what point should I consider stopping insulin?

    Thanks for the help
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Hello and welcome. Any chance you could set up a spreadsheet with your blood sugar test values in it. Instructions are here. We are all rather data driven here, and need to see the blood sugar data before we make suggestions on changing the dose. People here also follow either the Tight Rebulation protocol or the Start Low Go Slow method for dosing. Both of them have Sticky Notes describing them. Those dosing methods give you guidelines on when to reduce or increase the dose.

    Great news that Stu is reponsing well to the change in food.:) Many kitties have greatly reduced their doses and managed to find regulation, and even possibly remission with a switch to better food. From what little I can tell without the spreadsheet, it doesn't look like Stu is quite ready to go without insulin yet.
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    Jun 15, 2015
    Hey and welcome to L, B & L forum.

    I echo Wendy for you to please set up a Spread Sheet so we can see linearly, what is happening.

    The last number you got 171 ( we use mg readings here as most of us are in the US) is not a normal number using a human meter.

    Also, when you set up the SS and attach it to the signature, ( see the grey at the bottom of mine and Wendy's post?) put what kind of meter, when he was diagnosed, (DX), age, and any health issues that he might have and what food you are feeding and your location in the world so we know your time zone. This will help us to help you to fine tune the dose.

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