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    Dec 24, 2017
    Hello we are Darin and Charlie , old account from 2014/15 was Darin & Charlie could not get into that account, i would rather use that one if someone could help. I was the person who helped Paula get Michael to another member from FDMB upon Paula being admitted to the hospital.

    Starting in the last week of Oct'18 charlie would have these projectile vomits about every wk.
    In beginning he the nex day he seemed fine. then on the 3 or so vomit he looked super ill, brought him to the vet for Fluids and cerenia, that next day was completely back to normal. The next vomit was 5 or so days later brought to vet for another round of fluids/cerenia, next day did not see the same results as previous treatment, took back to vet more fluids on the day before thanksgiving(made another apointment for 11/23 2pm) seemed somewhat better, on thanks appy started to decline, just enough food eaten to give lantus 3 drops is current dose bid, current weight 11.88 has lost 3/4lbs over last month, has been pretty much holding steady blood sugars 80-100 for the last yr, his appy and physical appearance had steadily been declining.

    About an hour before appointment he was unable to hol,d his own weight standing up and started vomiting, rushed him to his vet, they started fluids and tests, was told his bs was over 700.
    At uids and fast acting insulin to get his numbers down. On saturday morning i went to visit him, was told bs was now under 200 and was eating, at our visit he looked, and acted the best i had seen him in a month. he was scheduled to stay there on fluids till monday, also during this time he received an antibiotic, blood labs indicated infection. On sunday the hospital did a blood lab that his reg Dr had ordered to have done before he came home.
    On Monday 11/26 took charlie home, he was very much himself. called vet to see what next step would be. set an appointment for tuesday 11/27. At the 11/27 vet visit took his blood to compare to what the hospital levels were. The results were pretty much the same, scheduled next appt for Thurs 11/29 for another lab, unless charlie started to decline.

    On wednesday his am shot, started to eat his food so i gave his shot, had to leave for an hour. came home and he had only ate 3/4 of his shot meal, so i called and rescheduled my vet visit for 1:30 that after noon, did labs kidney values had increased, deceided to admit him for iv fluids and upon back home to start sub q fluid at 100mls/day , so during reg vet hours he was there getting iv fluids then at 5pm took to animal hospital for iv fluids, did this till he was eating again which took till 12/1 am.

    After picking up charlie and getting him home i was pretty up set with the pet hospital, i picked up charlie at noon, the told me he ate good and gave insulin at 11am, so at 1pm i do a +2 test he was at 77 pretty much normal for him, i was pretty happy seeing that in the last week or so i had to skip many insulin shots due to poor appy. was not interested in food so i called back to see how much and of what he ate, maybe he was full. called and vet tech said maybe 3/4 cup of mix dry with wet purina DM. after the call i thought why are they feeding aiabetic dry, and if fed dry his bs should be much higher, so i called back to see what his bs was at shot time told me 189, it did not make sense for him to drop that much in 2hrs. so now its 20-25 min later retest now he is at 60, pretty heated at this point about the dry, take him back in case of needed sugar, they take him back to test bs while the Dr talks to me about how they do insulin there. With their method some animal is going to go hypo. They started feeding him at 10am, tested at 11 bs 189 gave insulin, well there was my answer, made note to self never have them give insulin while in their care.
    Its possible that charlie is in remission, his last dose was 11/1 am, since i have been watching his bs spike some from his meals and then start to drop and end up pretty close to the numbers he was at pre-spike 6am current bs 105 after a night of eating various foods including a vet kidney food at 32% carbs

    our current home therapy, vet upped his sub q to 100mls/bid from 100mls/day, she stated he could saftly have up to 300mls daily if needed. also taking Zenquin 25mg, 1/4 pill daily for 8 days.
    i have bought various wet foods that meet the kidney and diabetic needs, mostly weruva brand.
    i have niacinamide for fast phosphorous remover, aluminum hydroxide phos binder and also Kidney Support Gold, they all should start arriving today.

    I have joined the ckd group on Facebook and have received great advice but long time between my questions and answers.
    I followed the advise from the pro's here to get charlie to where he is today, i was hoping for the same help/advise now with the ckd, TIA
    Can give or get any other info you may need.
    i will post all his labs from the 1st on 11/23 - 12/5, need to get from vet
    Thanks so very much
    Darin and Charlie
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  2. Darin and Charlie

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    Dec 24, 2017
    Last current labs, will have an updated 1 tomorrow to see how the increase sub q fluids are doing to his levels.
    1st lab from 12/5, 2nd lab from 11/30 1205181522.jpg 1130181715.jpg
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    Here's your "old" profile:

    To access the Darin & Charlie account, it sounds like you'll have to reset your password:
    • make sure you've logged out of the Darin and Charlie account
    • attempt to log in using "Darin & Charlie"
    • type in the password if you know it
    • if you don't recall your password, choose "Forgot your password?"
    • a pop-up box will appear... follow the prompts
    • click on "Reset password"
    • an email will be sent to the email account associated with your FDMB account
    • follow the instructions in the email
    That should do it! :)
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    thanks but i think part of the problem is i don't have access to the email that is attached to that account, Thanks

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